Mo’Nique is firing back at a recent interview Lee Daniels conducted with Don Lemon on CNN. Daniels all but confirmed that he did indeed tell Mo’Nique that she was blackballed after her Oscar win. But yesterday during an interview, Mo’Nique told CNN that she was offered parts in other movies but “they just didn’t make sense to me,” she said.

Sounds like Mo’Nique wasn’t willing to play the ‘mammy’ role for anyone.

“It wasn’t that I was blackballed like Mr. Daniels said… the phone was ringing and the scripts were coming but the offers that were associated with them made me say ‘I can’t accept that,’” she explained, she stated the offers would have sent a negative message to black women.

“If we continue to accept these low offers, how do we make a change?” she asked.

Mo’Nique went on to say that she was yelling at her screen when she saw the Lemon interview.

“It shocked me… I was yelling at the screen, ‘Don, please ask him what the demands were!’”

She continued, “There were no demands, there was a request from the movie studio that I fly to France for the Cannes Film Festival. I simply said, ‘I respectfully decline.’”

She said she declined because she had family obligations and was working on her BET talk show.

“I had a couple of days downtime and I wanted to spend that with my husband and my kids,” she said.

Take a look at her interview below:

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  • ALM247

    It’s interesting that even though Monique is the topic of conversation, CNN allowed Lee to speak first, but CNN made Monique wait to speak second. Since Monique is one of the main topics on conversation, shouldn’t they have allowed her to tell her side first?

    The top right of the screen says that Monique is even in Atlanta, so wouldn’t it have been easier to get her to the studio in Atlanta to talk about this than to fly Lee Daniels all the way in to have his say first?

    Per the video, Monique had other obligations, like the talk show she was shooting in Atlanta. Hollywood punished her for not playing the game and deciding to (gasp!)
    put her twins and her husband before campaigning for an Oscar.

    I wasn’t there, and all of this is he said/she said at this point, but Monique definitely won the interview round at this point. Her responses to Don were classy and
    meaningful, while Lee Daniel’s comments to Don were demeaning and baseless
    (i.e. the accusation of reverse racism).

    Lee Daniels says that he and Monique are friends. Wow. If this is how he treats his friend, my Lord, woe to his enemies.

    • I know others might not agree with me. However, I actually believe Monique more so than I believe Lee Daniels. However, because he seems ever so catty and talk out of both sides of his mouth, something tells me this not the end of this issue. I think more people could follow that lead with putting either their family or other things that they care about first before money. However, if this is indeed the case (and Monique seems to have more credibility in terms of being specific), Lee Daniels is indeed a very small-minded man.

    • Mary Burrell

      @Alm247:Welcome back, nice to read you again

    • ALM247

      Thanks Mary. Good to see you here again. :)

      I’ll be visiting periodically. I am not sure if I will be here as much as I was before.

    • noirluv45

      ALM, yes, welcome back! It’s been ages :-D

    • ALM247

      Hey Noirluv45, *Waves*. Good to see you here again. :)

      I’ll be visiting periodically. I am not sure if I will be here as much as I was before. :)

  • PrimmestPlum

    This story is just growing more and more heads. I have one question though. Isn’t it partially your manager’s or agent’s job to book you roles? If Mo’Nique and her husband didn’t like the parts that she was being offered, couldn’t he have just sort of fished around for better ones? She did have an Oscar under her belt at that point so she’s have more pull.

    • ALM247

      When you get the chance, check out the article that Viola Davis did with “Entertainment Weekly” a couple of weeks ago. I have a subscription, so if you can’t find the article online, I will try to post portions of it here if you would like.

      Viola addresses people who say similar things to your comment regarding why don’t Oscar nominees/winners create roles for themselves. What she said was both eye opening and sad. I believe everything that Viola said.

    • PrimmestPlum

      Thank you. I’ll definitely search for that article.

  • Mary Burrell

    I wouldn’t want Daniels as my friend. Too shady

  • Delia

    I happened to catch the interview in its entirety and Mo’Nique had valid points to her argument.
    This makes to so guilty watching Empire now. Lee Daniels seems so disingenuous of his own people, even though his own empire is all about putting black actors/story lines in the forefront…