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Earlier this week, we gave tattoo tips for those of us with brown skin. Picking a tattoo design isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do and should be given a lot of thought, especially since nowadays having a tattoo removed is painful with lasers and expensive. As a person with 6 tattoos, I can honestly say that a lot of thought went into every one of them but my first. Hey, I was young, what can I say? Fortunately for me, it’s easily hidden.

Often times I think about having the tattoo removed, but the thought of having a scar from the laser makes me just want to keep the tattoo or even get it covered up with something else. But  Alec Falkenham, a 27-year-old researcher from Canada’s Dalhousie University, may have created a cream that could painlessly get rid of your tattoo mistakes.

Unlike other creams on the market that promise to fade your tattoos gradually, over the course of several months, but may still leave remnants, Falkenham’s cream targets the tattooed skin cells and replaces them with new, undamaged skin cells; over the course of several treatments. It’s less costly than laser and promises to have better results.

“When comparing it to laser-based tattoo removal, in which you see the burns, the scarring, the blisters, in this case, we’ve designed a drug that doesn’t really have much off-target effect,”Falkenham told CBC.

The cream is currently still in the development phase and is being tested on pig ears. As far as the cost, Falkenham estimates that it’ll be about 4 cents per square centimeter, which isn’t bad considering laser surgery can run about $600+.

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