Recently during happy hour with a group of my girlfriends, the subject of dating came up. How shocking right? If there’s one thing women know how to do, it’s talk about their dating lives. As we were sitting and talking, one friend brought up the fact that no matter what, when she goes out, black men never approach her. Mind you this friend is drop-dead gorgeous. Never has a bitchy face moment in her life and would be a prize for any man. Although she prefers to date black men, she’s recently been seeking men outside of her race. For the life of her, she just doesn’t understand why black men don’t approach her.

And yes, she does take it upon herself to approach men, but call her old-fashioned I guess.

In any event, we’ve probably all heard the reasons why black men don’t approach black women. Everything from attitudes to the fact that they’re not into black women are just a few of the reasons given. But it always amazes that the reasons are just so dumb sounding. It’s unfortunate that black women who are still ‘down for their brothers’ aren’t given a chance by those men.

Now, I’m not saying every sista should run out and get them a non-black man to parade around with (because shit, the grass is not always greener on the lack-of-melanin side..I can tell you that from experience) but I guess there comes a time when you have to broaden your horizons.

Clutchettes, what are some of the reasons you’ve heard as to why “SOME” black men don’t approach black women?

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