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  • edtastic

    Jewish people aren’t some disadvantaged minority so why are they on here playing the role of oppressed victims of micro aggression? We’re talking about the highest earning demographic in America not some poor minority overcoming feelings of inadequacy.

    I start to wonder who this new social justice agenda really aims to protect because it’s certainly not the worst off in our society who remain just as marginalized as before. Now that we have the elite coopting social justice that situation is going to get worse before it gets better. Black people need to stay woke. The systems of white supremacy the fought didn’t cease to exists when Obama got elected and they are perpetuated on the left as well as the right.

    • IdiotDrool

      Wow, can’t tell if your trolling or not. Jewish people get shit on. If you didn’t know that I don’t know what to say.

    • K.C.

      Anti-semitism is a real thing. In the US, it doesn’t even come close to the terror faced by Jews in other parts of the world, now and in the past. Sure Israel is wrong in its military-heavy state but this does not change the fact that there are many who despise and terrorize Jews. Your language is unfortunate. They are victims too. Have compassion.

  • Love.tweet.joi

    I just want to share a story…

    A woman sat next to me on a plane once. She told me about her life growing up Jewish. When her family had outgrown their home, her mother and father went shopping for a new house. They ended up seeing a house that was a little awkward for their taste. The best bathroom was in the basement down a steep flight of stairs. Her mother had always wondered why her husband had chosen this awful house. Apparently, the Real Estate agent didn’t know they were Jewish and had bragged about their opportunity to buy a house in a neighborhood which didn’t allow Jews. Her father had written the check solely for that reason. Now, the neighborhood would have Jews living there! Her father once told their family, it’s a good thing that their skin wasn’t brown or they would have never been able to advance as a people.

    When I was two or three, my parents moved into a white neighborhood in Torrance, CA. None of the neighbors would even look in our direction. Crosses burned on their lawn nightly. My dad would wake up and break up the pieces of wood left on the lawn, and throw them away. My mother was done. She was ready to leave immediately. My father decided to stay and install a video camera in the big picture window which faced the lawn. One day, I was missing. My two-year-old self had walked down the street. My mom freaked out thinking I had been grabbed. They found me; however, that was enough for my mom to convince my father to move. We stayed a year in that house.

    I wonder how many minorities can relate to either of these stories.

  • This subject is an important subject to discuss. The video from Hatch is excellent. Racism is not just about overt ad hominem attacks and overt slurs being used as a means for some to hurt human beings (because of their race or background). Racism can be sophisticated and racial micoaggressions are wrong. They must be opposed, because the fundamental truth is that we must treat our neighbors as ourselves. We have to view ourselves in other people’s shoes and be careful in how we think, what we say, and how we act. We have to not only act with dignity and honor. We have to defend the human rights of minorities and the oppressed. Microaggressions are forms of disrespect, because those who use them express offensive stereotypes about fellow human beings. Microaggressions hurt people and have psychologically damaged individuals as well. That is why we have to continue to advance understanding, tolerance, and human justice.

    • John Eichler

      99% or more of these Microaggression or Unintentional Discrimination issues would be resolved before they ever became issues by the fairly simple practice of people growing the heck up and learning to change their own pants. Should I go file a lawsuit because some idiot can’t manage to pronounce my last name right? Or should I have them arrested because they do recognize the ancestry of my last name and proceed to assume that I speak fluent German?

    • It’s a little more complicated than that, but go on….