Bring a worn out, dry, frizzy wig back to life with flexi rods and a clothing steamer.

It’s no secret that I wear wigs from time to time while I am growing out my natural hair. I mean, who doesn’t these days? Beyoncé has a wig stash that I would die to get my hands on. But since human hair wigs can cost as much as $2,000 per unit, most people buy synthetic wigs as a budget friendly alternative.

Although affordable, synthetic pieces don’t last as long as human hair; they become dry and matted with wear, and can only be manipulated for so long before you have to shelve it. But with the advancing technology of high heat synthetic fibers, there are many different methods to extend the lifespan of synthetic hair.

Today I’m going to show you how to use a clothing steamer to add waves or curls to a synthetic unit.

Steaming a worn-out, dry, and frizzy synthetic wig is a great way to quickly restyle, revitalize, and condition it. Since synthetic wigs have style memory, they can easily retain their shape until they are steamed or styled again. To achieve this look, I used flexi rods and a handheld clothing steamer.


Flexi rods come in various colors and sizes. I chose blue and gray for medium to large sized curls.

Step 1: Detangle


I have had her for about a year and a half. Let’s just say she’s seen better days.

Brush out the unit completely to eliminate any knots and tangles. If you are having trouble getting through a matted unit, generously spray it with a fabric softener/water mixture. Run a paddle brush from tip to root to avoid harshly snagging and tearing away hair.

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  • K.C.

    I am trying not to judge the picture in this article but why are most of our wigs always the texture of some Indian woman’s hair. I know this topic is beaten to death but come on! When will it stop? Stop telling other races subliminally that we love their traits. Come on sisters. Ok, rant over!

  • Petty Levert

    I was going to comment about waiting for some natural hair nazi to say something about the texture of the wig but I see ya’ll already came here.

    • K.C.

      Nazi? Did you know that the Nazis burned people (children and women) in ovens and broke up families and oh, never mind. Yes, why are MOST of our wigs using Indian hair? Why? We have the resources and knowledge to do better but we refuse to because I am starting to believe there is something in the texture of non black hair that we love. We need to admit this. We like straight hair texture. Otherwise, why is all the human hair being used Indian and other Asian?

    • Petty Levert

      *yawn* Hit. Dog.

    • K.C.

      Yawn. Simplistic. Evading.

    • Petty Levert

      How about this? You and every other “you’re wrong for wearing a weave on your head” women mind your own business and let others wear their hair exactly as they damn well see fit without commenting on it. I myself am natural, however I am not going about crowing about GROWN women wanting to wear Indian hair. There are far more pressing matters going on with Black women without people like you focusing on something as trivial as hair.

    • K.C.

      I fully believe in the right of grown adults to do as they please as long as it is legal. You will never get an argument from me on that. HOWEVER, image for black women is an issue that is at the root of so much of our struggle. In fact, this blog itself is dedicated to issues surrounding how the image of black women is tainted, ridiculed and also uplifted. The hair debate is at the core of our struggle. We are told it is not good enough, women who serve this country were told their hair could not be worn in its natural state, Zendaya was told on air she looks like a weed smoker, a group of basketball college-educated black women were ridiculed by a comedian (Rutgers basketball team), some of our girls have been interviewed and admitted they want to be white and thing white is better (see the doll test even recently done by CNN). Hair is a huge issue.=. Image IS a pressing matter for black girls and women. If a woman can feel good about her God given physical traits, she can conquer the world. If she constantly feels she has to wear something to cover her natural traits, she is in some way not yet comfortable with who she is. We are the ONLY race of people who through billions of dollars support a hair industry that continuously promotes a straight hair look and not our own. No other race of people are spending that level of money to put somebody else’s hair texture on top of their head. Economically, emotionally and culturally: this IS a huge issue. it is not just hair, it is about saying what we are Naturally is not good enough.

    • K.C.

      Also, look at that picture. I don’t know ANY black woman who does not have some direct mix in her family that has hair like that. Go to any high school right now, schoolyard or black salon and tell me what black women have hair like that naturally? Thank you.