Yesterday, you’d think all hell had broken loose on Twitter when Shea Moisture posted a meme featuring a stock photo of a little white girl. Ironically, it wasn’t the first time the company used a stock image featuring a white child.

Just last week, the above photo was posted, and no one made a sound about it. Maybe people were riled up over the Oscars and Patricia Arquette’s speech and saw an opportunity to complain about something.

People were calling for boycotts and demanded to know why the Black owned company decided to use a photo of a white child. Never-mind the fact that, with one quick search on YouTube, you’ll see all types of women (black and white) talking about their new line of baby products and bath products.

I’m not sure what people expect to happen when a company goes mainstream and is even sold in stores like Target and Wal-Mart. And to assume, just because they have a larger population to cater to, including non-black women, that they’ll forget where they ‘came from’, is immature at best.

In response to the complaints, Shea Moisture tweeted the following response:

“We came across an image of a little girl with a puzzled expression that we imagine our #SheaFamily has when they run out of product, so we shared it with you. No ad. No agenda. As a certified minority-owned business, we are so proud of our heritage, our community and how far we’ve come — from a village market in Sierra Leone, to the streets of Harlem, to retailers throughout the U.S. With your support, we’ve been able to bring change, diversity and variety to retail. We hope you continue to join us in celebrating how the versatility of our products can help people everywhere.”

Don’t hate on this company for trying to reach a broader audience. People need to find something else to be outraged about.

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  • Irby Tremor

    “Don’t hate on this company for trying to reach a broader audience. ”

    Sorry but I will do exactly that considering how often these companies sell out, throw their main demographic under the bus and change their formulas to appeal to said “broader audience” which in turn no longer work for the people who made them the money in the first place.

  • Lucky502

    Just admit it, Shea Moisture! You sold out just like Lisa Price. Most of us realize that the only thing most companies are concerned with is bottom-line profits, but you forgot the ones who put you on the map.

  • Rizzo

    crossing over …. more money

  • DG

    Really? You are pissed about a white girl being used for an ad and you aren’t racist? Somethings fishy on this website.