In dedication to “Black History Month” (and every other month) we wanted to showcase different fashion styles through the ages. Watch Meron B. & B. Hawk send you on a Fashion, Hair & Makeup Time warp starting from the mid 1950s and ending to their current modern 2015 styles. — via AfroPunk

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  • Love.tweet.joi

    The eighties were everything!

    • The eighties did have amazing culture and music. I was in elementary school during the late 80’s. I am glad that more people are knowing about Afro-punk culture. We are an eclectic people. I can’t forget about the nineties either. The 90’s had a lot of flavor. Nostalgia is great.

    • Love.tweet.joi

      The 90’s went down hill with Rumpshaker. LOL. I always felt like that’s when the quality music began to die.

    • Good Afternoon,

      The quality of music in the mainstream level collectively has gone done. The 1990’s was a transitional period. It was not old school, but it was the beginning of the new school. There were great records shown in that decade like records from Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, Tribe called Quest, etc. There was something new coming up. Today, we see talent from the underground and some people in the mainstream lacking that excellent talent which existed many years ago. I had a lot of great memories from the 90’s.

  • Nicole Holmes

    The 2000’s and 2010’s were two different decades