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  • Anthony

    Shelby Steele is a one trick pony. He spoke at a commencement ceremony I attended, and he managed to make it an attack on affirmative action! He literally has nothing else to offer the world.

  • D1Mind

    That is the mantra of the civil rights coons. Suffer with dignity. Don’t try and do anything for yourself or fight for anything outside of that.

  • Ken Anderson

    1787-1865, slavery in America; plus Jim Crowe laws, 1865-1964 equals 177 years federal tax exempt status for African Americans. I discussed this form of reparations in a book I authored. ( Economic Revolution, J. Kendall Anderson- amazon books.

  • Sweetasbanana

    I literally can’t believe Steele ACTUALLY said “do nothing.” Everyone else got something for their pain and suffering and we’re supposed to “do nothing” and like another post said suffer with dignity. Like there’s something noble about it. It’s a textbook coon mentality.