An aunt of a 3-year-old boy is now behind bars after fatally beating him for not being able to spell. Christen Dale, 21, admitted to beating Ethan Ali because he was flunking spelling lessons she was giving him. Dale also admitted to whooping her nephew with a belt for a week, before he died.


The day before Ethan was found dead, Dale punished him after he refused to do his spelling lessons. Dale made him him stand in the corner holding a bottle with outstretched arms for 45 minutes until he fell forward and smashed his lip.

The next day, the boy refused to do more work, and she once again gave him a beating with a belt. An autopsy showed he “suffered extensive bruising on his torso, back, buttocks, thighs, arms, and scalp,” according to court records.

Dale, who was ordered held without bail after getting arraigned for manslaughter and assault charges, was looking after the boy for the past few months.


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  • Yes, I’m That Leah

    Beast. Save your tears in court. Cry all you want in your cell. Hurry up, and get caged, like the animal you are.

  • Shakespeare’sMuse

    So sad for this poor baby. What this person did has nothing to do with whipping a child as a form of discipline, her actions were purely abusive & meant to cause hurt & harm. Each parent has the right to raise their children as they choose & I do not agree that there should be no spankings ever. There are situations where it is entirely appropriate to spank (my term) or whip a child. It’s not appropriate to whip a 3yo-a child of any age-over a spelling test or refusal to cooperate. This woman is an animal, not a loving or caring parent & it is the fault of the parents that they allowed this fool to have free reign over their child. They are as guilty as she. I have been a homemaker for 15 years because my husband & I trust no one to take care of our children.