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10-year-old Harmony Jones was looking forward to having her classmates attend her birthday party. But Harmony’s family was shocked when they received a letter from one classmate and the reason why she couldn’t attend. Harmony attends Highland Oaks Elementary in Memphis, Tenn. and her father Christopher thought the school was one that embraced cultural differences.

“This is my daughter’s first time going to that particular school,” said Christopher Jones, Sr. “They strike up a friendship. So what would seem to be an innocent friendship, never thought anything like this would happen.”


“It was a picture of a letter, handwritten letter from a child,” Jones said. “Said something along the lines of, you know I can’t come to your party cause my father won’t let me cause I’m black. You would think in the 21st Century people would be judged strictly on their character or their personality, not on the color of their skin.”

Jones said Harmony was sad when she received the letter, but eventually she got over it. Asked if he had anything to say to the father of the child, he stated, “I would have to display the love that I’m trying to teach my daughter,” Jones said. “I would have a talk with him. I would. If we could iron out our differences, great! If not, God bless, the man.”

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  • lovepeacerespecto

    I looked at his Facebook as I would if it were my child wanting to go with another’s family to a birthday party. And I wouldn’t let my kids go either. Anyone with posts claiming to be a n!**@ my kid can hang out with all the black people in the world. But I don’t want my kids thinking that’s ok. That’s a hard side of black culture they need to understand is not ok. An it perpetuates the stereotypes of our race as a whole. I’d have sent a letter with the real term. Posts of people shot and killed sounds like a great birthday party to send my kid to. No thanks I don’t want you hanging around people who will fall victim to a negative environment sorry kid. It shouldn’t be put on the child but the perception of the parents is how most people deem whether or not to let there children go there. I judged his character like he asked and deemed his character to be of ill nature On the individual level

  • Sweetasbanana

    The last paragraph isn’t exactly what is said in the video. The paragraph here says: “Asked if he had anything to say to the father of the child”, but in the video the news crew asked him “but what if there was a change of heart and you come face-to-face with the child’s father?” Then he proceeds to say “I would have a talk with him. I would. If we could iron out our differences, great! If not, God bless, the man.” The man never said he had any words for the racist father, it clear this is what he would have done if the racist father came to his house. Just wanted to point that out.

  • This story is very heartbreaking. Harmony Jones is loved by her father and her family. The racist father has no respect from me. The racist is such a coward that he uses his own child to right such a note. That is such a despicable, offensive thing to do. The racist man has shown mental poison to his own relatives and that is very serious injustice. Christopher Jones Sr. and Harmony Jones have great love. Some people misinterpret what love is. Some people view love as blind acceptance of evil and blind toleration of injustice. That is not love. That is submitting to evil. What is love? Love is the expression of goodwill in the midst of bigotry. Love is
    standing up for what is right despite the odds and despite adversity. Love is also about having the courage to defend the dignity of black child when they are being disrespected by a coward white racist adult. That’s love. There can be no peace without justice and there can be no justice without peace. We want a better world and to get it we have to confront and defeat evil straight up without equivocation. Harmony Jones and her family need solidarity and great respect.