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Antwana Muhammad (Image Credit: Press Enterprise)

A Perris, California couple is now in jail with a $225,000 bail after being arrested for pimping young girls. Antwana Muhammad, 38, and her boyfriend Charles Anthony Smith, 32, were arrested last week after authorities discovered that Muhammad’s daughters were working as prostitutes. One daughter is 14-years-old.

According to Press Enterprise, the couple would post sex solicitation ads online, and drive the daughters to meet up with the customers. Deputies began investigating the couple in February after being alerted that they were heavily involved in commercial sex in Murrieta, San Fernando Valley and Southern California.

Along with a 14-year-old, authorities also discovered that Muhammad was also pimping her adult daughter, whose age was not disclosed. 

Muhammad’s daughters were taken into protective custody by Child Protective Services.

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  • Michelle

    Mmmmmaaaaaaannnn, the ladies and the gents, here on Clutch’s comment section, are breaths of fresh air.
    On some “feminist friendly” sites (sites where white women go when they want to read/write about articles encouraging their f*cksh*t), there are articles about this sad situation and the commentators make me sick.
    Some are whining about how this CRIME is a “black eye to the face of sex work” and all it does is makes sex work appear more despicable.
    Then you have the others who leaves comments about “poor mom probably doesn’t know how to make a living/she must’ve been raised in the same kind of environment”.
    Of course they preface their comments with the disclaimer “It’s a shame of what happens to these girls, but…”

    • ALM247

      Unbelievable. How can they consider this sex work when one person is a minor, and the other daughter probably was being trafficked when she was a minor? Also, how is it sex work when the trafficker is their own mother? There is no way that people really think this is okay. I am wondering if these folks looked a little different if the comments would have been the same. There is a difference between consensual sex work and trafficking, and this situation is human trafficking.

  • Anthony

    This story just makes me so grateful that God blessed me with the mother I had! We easily forget that so many kids who turn out bad come from situations that were totally beyond their control. Even those from a similar situation who succeed, like Richard Pryor, often have scars that injure them for life.

  • John Quaye Quao

    This is GROTESQUE and UNBELIEVABLE.For a mother to offer her daughter for Prostitution.Obviously for Money.What about AIDS and HIV? Has She got any sense or any conscience? Does she want her daughter to die prematurely? If this news is true she and her partner MUST be prosecuted and if found guilty sent to prison for a very long time.This is a HEDIOUS Crime!!