Maria and Lucy are twin sisters from the UK. People all over the internet are losing their shit because “OMG, one is ‘white’ and one is black.” Once again, people on the internet have proven that they’re not that bright and know nothing about genetics.

The twins were born to a white father and a bi-racial Jamaican mother.

Black And White Twins Lucy And Maria

Look at that family photo. I’m going to call it “Genetics in Action.” Clearly, the only ‘white’ person in this photo is the father. And for people to label the lighter twin ‘white’ is just ridiculous.

“No one ever believes we are twins because I am white and Maria is black,” Lucy explained. “Even when we dress alike, we still don’t even look like sisters, let alone twins.”

Clearly Maria has been told that she’s ‘white’ all her life that she’s starting to believe it.

Growing up in an interracial family myself, with four siblings, two of which are light and two who are brown, we’ve always get the questions, “Do you have the same father?”. And we’ve always responded with  “Do you?”. So I totally understand what these twins probably went through growing up.

But please, stop calling the other twin white. And for the record, they’re not identical.

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