Maria and Lucy are twin sisters from the UK. People all over the internet are losing their shit because “OMG, one is ‘white’ and one is black.” Once again, people on the internet have proven that they’re not that bright and know nothing about genetics.

The twins were born to a white father and a bi-racial Jamaican mother.

Black And White Twins Lucy And Maria

Look at that family photo. I’m going to call it “Genetics in Action.” Clearly, the only ‘white’ person in this photo is the father. And for people to label the lighter twin ‘white’ is just ridiculous.

“No one ever believes we are twins because I am white and Maria is black,” Lucy explained. “Even when we dress alike, we still don’t even look like sisters, let alone twins.”

Clearly Maria has been told that she’s ‘white’ all her life that she’s starting to believe it.

Growing up in an interracial family myself, with four siblings, two of which are light and two who are brown, we’ve always get the questions, “Do you have the same father?”. And we’ve always responded with  “Do you?”. So I totally understand what these twins probably went through growing up.

But please, stop calling the other twin white. And for the record, they’re not identical.

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  • ryan

    I don’t understand how people can say these kids aren’t black, when they all come from a parent with African ancestry. That’s all a person needs to be black. That’s the bottom line. That’s where part of their lineage comes from. They are genetically black. They have black traits. No matter if they’re mixed, no matter if Maria is white passing.

    “No, they’re not black. They’re biracial.” Yes, biracial by being black and other things. A person being two races, is exactly just that. Why would you say a person that’s two races, isn’t either of them? I didn’t know 1+1=0?

    Would you call albino black people, white?

    • Tanielle

      Why is it that black people want to claim everybody even those who do not even desire to call themselves black. This woman considers herself white. It is pathetic to try and force people to claim black when they don’t want to to. It doesn’t matter what her DNA says. I am not about claiming people who do not want to be considered black. Tell me what you consider yourself and I will call you that.

    • eve-audrey

      THANK YOU Tanielle THANK YOU. This is starting to be annoying. I am starting to believe this stems from an inferiority complex.

    • Tia

      Black people don’t want to be black themselves ( Not all ) they don’t want biracial people to have any other option besides ” Black ” because they themselves don’t have any other option but black. It’s the old ” If I gotta be Black then so do you ” mindset

    • K.C.

      Why is it that white people want to claim everything that is beautiful as white? If she redheaded girl was a felon, how many whites would want to claim her is the better question. Let people define their own race, identity and gender. If a boy says he is a girl, he is a girl. If a person who has a white parent says they are black, they are black. I determine who I am and no one can tell me otherwise.

    • Tanielle

      Did you even read my comment? Clearly you didn’t.

    • K.C.

      Yes. I did. started off with “why do black people want to claim people even those who do not want to claim them back”. In response, I stated that white people like to claim too particularly when what they are claiming has value or is something desirable. They are not claiming their biracial crackhead or felon spawns. They want to insert themselves in people of color’s everything so they can claim THEY are responsible for what is good about it. As we can’t fight someone who doesn’t want to be identified as black, we also can’t fight a biracial person like Obama who says he is black despite being born of a white mother. That is my response.

    • Tanielle

      Where are white people trying to claim this girl? It is the black people on this site trying to claim her when she has decided to call herself white. I have no clue or evidence of what white people do and who they claim. I never mentioned that so in response to my comment it isn’t relevant. SHE sees herself as white but several black people RESPONDING TO THIS POST have decided that she is black and should acknowledge that. My point is simple and has nothing to do with whatever you are talking about. She calls herself white so IN MY OPINION, she is white.

    • K.C.

      “Why is it that black people want to claim everybody even those who do not even desire to call themselves black.” Did you not write this in the beginning of your first post? I think you did. Also, you do realize when we summarize, we paraphrase to summarize what people’s general opinion is in a statement right? So based on a particular statement, we can summarize the general point that one is making without using word for word what they said. You are “fighting” a few black people on this post who are claiming this redhead is black. I am saying if, for example, Barack Obama says he is black then he is black. So you are contradicting yourself. Also, you are using about 5 people on a thread on a black online magazine as the general consensus that BLACK people are the ones imposing false racial identity onto mixed raced people. You claim that “I have no clue or evidence of what white people do and who they claim”. If you are going to be this heated about this topic, you should research the history and the present-day opinions and statements from white people on the subject. Otherwise, you come off as if unfairly attacking black people for being the only ones who exercise this. I can assure you, as white people have more power at stake on this issue, they are more adamant, vocal and consistent in determining who is black, who is white and who dares not cross the line. They have a lot to protect on the issue as they have generally more resources to protect. It is ridiculous to suggest black people are the ones who are solely responsible for this. My general sense based on your comments is you have a bone topic with black people on this topic and it is eating away at you. Black people are not your enemy on this issue. They don’t have that kind of power. I can assure you the royal family of England or a rich WASP family of New England would have a hard time accepting in their midst this redhead once they found out she had a part black mother despite the fact she looks just like Prince Harry. Rich white people are very clear about keeping their bloodline pure. I think black people and mixed raced people might have an easier time infiltrating a pure black bloodline as we have less resources to protect and are not trying to fight it that hard. Besides, due to slavery, we are used to mixed slaves in our midst. It is not new to us. It is new to black people. Also, you specifically referred to my niece as being mixed despite the fact that I told you her white father claims her as black. I can’t go against what her father considers his own seed. Thanks.

    • Tanielle

      Are you crazy!!! I did not comment on your niece EVER. LEARN TO READ!!!

      I also make no mention of President Obama. If you read for comprehension you would see that I AGREE WITH YOU. If this women sees herself as white she is. If Obama sees himself as black he is.

    • K.C.

      My apologies, someone else made a slight commentary toward my nice, not you. I apologize. No, I am not crazy. Quite the contrary. Very head on the shoulders and very clear when I am debating an issue. I can read, trust me. This seems to be highly personal for you so I wont’ dig further. This topic seems to hit a nerve. Hmmm. Wonder why.

    • Tanielle

      You are reading my comment and putting all kinds of extra thoughts in there I never mentioned which is ridiculous since I AGREE WITH YOUR POINT. You clearly just want to argue about something and someone. Find someone else to bother and argue with.

    • K.C.

      “Why is it that black people want to claim everybody even those who do not even desire to call themselves black.” ” It is the black people on this site trying to claim her when she has
      decided to call herself white. I have no clue or evidence of what white
      people do and who they claim.” I was responding to your original statement in these quotes. If you put out an idea on a public forum, you should expect responses. I think now that you have found a counterargument that is valid, you are backtracking. All good. Again, seems a personal subject for you. Take care.

    • Tanielle

      You truly are stupid. Please read the comment I responded to where the person was trying to say this woman is black based on the one drop rule and I was DISAGREEING with them stating she calls herself white so that is how she CHOOSES to identify and people should just let her do so. Don’t you also disagree, idiot.

    • K.C.

      Haha. No, read my statements again. You know for sure I am not stupid nor ignorant. However, if it makes you feel good to attack my character and call me names like a 5-year-old would. Go ahead. I assume that makes you feel better. I won’t resort to that. Now reread your bold caps of repeated name calling and tell me who is behaving unlike an adult should. Hmm. Again, clearly a sensitive topic for you. Work it out girl. Take Care.

    • eve-audrey

      Tanielle, honestly let it go you won’t make your point. This topic seems to be very personal for some people indeed.

    • K.C.

      Yes, very personal for some people indeed. I noticed that by the first few posts of some people. Take care.

    • eve-audrey

      Thank you lol

    • K.C.

      **It (a mixed bloodline) is not new to black people (correction) due to slavery.

    • Tia

      But black people do the same crap though, black people want to claim us when ever we achieve something as a mixed race person black people want to take the credit and say it’s a so-called black achievement , when biracial people are attractive black people want to take credit for their mixed features and only want to acknowledge it as Black features and ohhh cause black people are just sooo beautifully diverse , let the mixed person turn out to be a serial killer then black people aren’t so willing to claim them as black anymore, them being a serial killer will be attributed to them being half white not black , let the mixed person be unattractive and black people want to talk crap about how their ugly and unattractive cause their half white . take for ex. i remember when Black people were jumping at the chance to claim Jasmine Guy as black when she was young and pretty and would attribute none of what they thought was beautiful about her to white people black people were all too eager to attribute her attractiveness to the black in her , but as soon as jasmine started to age like ” what they referred to as a white woman ” now black people want to call the fact of her being half white out saying this is what happens when black mixes with white people . Black people only want to claim us to make themselves look better or if were precieved as somehow going to do something special for Black people Ex Obama , and thats the part that really pisses me off. We are used for Black peoples agenda and i don’t like being used .

    • joe

      Are you suggesting that a white person can create or give birth to a black child? Why would any black person believe that? The one drop rule was created to keep the white race pure and stigmatize African blood. Black folks need to let that old slave rule die.

    • Tanielle

      Joe on this be 100% agree. The one drop rule does not benefit black people in anyway but so many cling to it like it’s divinely inspired.

    • eve-audrey

      For once joe i agree 100% it is baffling to see some people on here defending that one drop rule like their lives depend on it. It is like they WANT biracials to share their views on what it means to be black

  • blogdiz

    “Once again, people on the internet have proven that they’re not that bright ‘

    This author is actually proving thier own hypothesis as it is certainly not very bright to buy into the white supremacist one drop rule that says white can only be white in its purest form but any and anything can be black
    Someone who is at least 3/4 black ( I say at least as the black Jamaican parent of their biracial mother is probably not 100% black ) who has fair skin light eyes red hair and presents as white cant be white because you are clinging to massas rule that whiteness is some elite club that only some people can join
    The obsession of some AA to claim mixed/white presenting as black and be dismissive of their other heritage to me is a reflection of some deep seated negativism about their blackness in that it is something to “escape from “and you are gonna make darn sure that no one with one drop of black blood escapes and leaves you behind

    • PurpNGold1

      “…their blackness in that it is something to “escape from “and you are gonna make darn sure that no one with one drop of black blood escapes and leaves you behind”

      Boom, there it is. This is how blacks how defend the one drop rule REALLY feel, but will never admit. It’s like they want to say “see, you’re tainted after all. Don’t go thinking you’re better than us.”

    • eve-audrey

      Agree 100%

    • BillipPhailey


    • Tia

      OMG You have said what i have been saying all along you took the words write out of my mouth, black people are on this ” if i gotta be black then dammit so do Biracial people ” trip . Black people don’t want Biracial people to have an out or an escape hatch out of blackness because they can’t have the same option because their phenotypes say nothing but black and some more black while a lot of Biracial people who are part black can pass for other minority races besides black and they know black people on average can’t pass for anything but black, but so would if they could and pissed because biracial gets that option and they DON’T

    • Tia

      when you really think about why black people are so gung ho about claiming us it’s really sad, we’re not being claimed because black people love us so much or because black people feel sorry for us that white people won’t take us in, we’re being claimed out of spite and for them to make sure everyone knows we’re part black JUST LIKE THEM so we can’t escape into another ethnicity and leave them all by themselves . Black people want us to be seen as black along with them , that is why they cling to the One Drop Rule so damn much, because it means they can virtually pull anyone down into blackness right along with them . Freaking PATHETIC . It’s amazing how black people think we as Biracial’s are to stupid to see through their agenda .

  • Tiffquip

    RE: entire article subject


  • Yes, I’m That Leah

    i guess the twin that calls her self white has no contact with her mother, or her mothers black relatives. ain’t that something….

    • Felina Femenina

      What about the twin who calls herself “black,” when neither of her parents is black? Does she have contact with her white father, his white relatives, or her biracial mother’s white relatives? Hmm.

      Methinks people are obsessing over the whiter twin’s self-indentification out of their own insecurities.

      In reality, there are no black people in this photo.