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Fresh off of winning an Oscar for Selma, Common must have been initiated into the “New Blacks Society” and didn’t even tell us. During a recent appearance on The Daily Show, Common spoke about racism and how helpful black people could be to white people if we just extended a hand in love.

Why must these black celebrities forget exactly where they come from. I’d like to see Common tell people in the Chicago neighborhood he grew up in how black people should eradicate racism.

I’m sure they’d look at him like he was crazy.

How is extending a hand to white people going to help end racism, when a lot of racist white people won’t even shake a black person’s hand? Believe me, I’ve had my hand shake denied several times by the racist people I’ve encountered. Even if he was being figurative, I honestly believe there’s nothing black people can do to eradicate racism. It’s not our job. Because we didn’t start it.

This “New Black” phenomenon is getting tiring. I’m going to apologize to Rosa and Malcolm for Raven Symone’s and Common’s antics today.

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  • Delia

    I agreed with 99.9% of what he said. But that 1.11% was major: ‘Lets forget about the past’???? Major slip up on that part.

  • Khrish

    I can’t believe we are going back into the age of begging white folk to like us. I’m over that. Good luck to Common for trying to make something work that didn’t years ago. M

  • OutstandingWorldCitizen

    I love how Jon gently took him to task. “First that hand and hurt needs to be acknowledged to move on.” It went right over Common’s dumb empty bald head. I think the “you’re different talk” must have gotten to him. The oldest most BS shiz folks pull on idiots like him.

    • CaribbeanGlow

      He (Common) just lost all his cuteness, didn’t he???