Turin Carter, the uncle of 19-year-old Tony Robinson Jr., who was shot and killed by a Madison, Wisconsin police officer over the weekend, said his nephew being killed is a universal issue that people of all races should understand. And that his nephew “just wanted to be loved”

Robinson’s mother is white and his father is black, and Carter seemed to think that his race had nothing to do with him being killed.

“A lot of his identity was formed because of his racial ambiguity,” Carter said.

“Tyrell felt a misfit for most of his life and that’s why we became close,” he said.

“We don’t want to just stop at black lives matter. … Tyrell is a mixture of everything. You can’t look at him and say he’s black,” Carter said.

As if the cops took a second to ask, “Hey, are you mixed or fully negro?”, before riddling his body with bullets.



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  • Khrish

    Well he didn’t look like it. People still don’t understand

  • EbonyLolita

    Well based on THAT statement I advise BLACKS to stop supporting the family then. If you don’t want to identify as BLACK then my BLACK ass needs to keep ti moving. Let the WHITES take up your cause then. We need to learn that when folks don’t want to associate with US we need to keep it moving.

  • CJAS

    Oy vey iz mir. Why is it that folks with no academic training in the subject believe that know anything about race? Anyway, he doesn’t appear to be white therefore, race was in play. That’s how it works in the United States.

  • mariah asphalt

    This kid LOOKED Black to the thug cop, therefore he was. So, automatically he was guilty of whatever the thug cop thought he saw – so he killed him. People want to walk around claiming that they are mixed with this or that, therefore not Black. But, if they LOOK not white, their ass is grass.