Solange is usually praised for her timeless beauty and sartorial prowess but her hair has been a regular target for the ignorant. In Touch Weekly once compared her ‘fro to a dog’s hair.


And now Public Magazine joins that deplorable list with a caption in the French glossy that compares Solange’s afro to armpit hair. It reads: “Coiffee comme un dessous de bras” and translates loosely to “hair like an underarm.”


The corresponding pictures show Solange’s natural hair picked out and worn in a curly protective style. In both images, her hair looks beautiful in its texture and fullness. Since she dares to embrace her hair as it is, without chemical manipulation, she’s the subject of constant discriminatory attacks by fashion publications.

Like when Giuliana Rancic linked Zendaya’s locs to weed and patchouli oil, it’s important for these so-called fashion critics to know the difference between thoughtful opinions and plain old ignorance. And when they attack natural hairstyles with damaging stereotypes and comparisons to animals and the like, they demean an entire community and race of women.

What are your thoughts on Public Magazine’s attack on Solange’s natural hair?

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  • james

    But wait tho, i thought white men loved our sisters….

    • K.C.

      Most of the black women I know who live in Europe are married to white men. I did an exchange program in Paris in college and all the men who approached me were white. Same in Italy. BUT it is a weird fetish thing. They expect you to be some exotic “animal” who will entice them every second. I did not like it but interracial marriage is huge there. I would hope and assume those marriages are not creepy like some of the men who have fetishes. Dunno.

    • james

      well, id imagine being in a country thats majority white, you’d have little choice but to date. But id also imagine the bigotry might be a lil more hardcore lol.

  • Staci Elle

    It burns to a lot of yts that Black women are embracing their natural hair and using products from black owned companies instead of making them rich. Natural hair is beautiful and I will never buy another copy in Intouch SMH.

  • TastyTaco

    Tina Knowles should go off on them. Her side of the family is the one with French blood, right? They even rep it with their names. Like someone else noted, what happens to the non-blacks with this similar texture?

    One thing I realize now is how much straight hair is coveted. People with wavy hair put heat to their hair, not just people with a mass of curls, or kinks and coils like me. But for Black women, we get dragged for altering our texture. We really get put on blast. And if we straighten our hair or add straight pieces/wigs, the Europeans get credit. I understand why, but they do not have the monopoly on straight hair. And on the flip side, when it’s time to bash kinks and coils, a Black person is mostly the subject. But that’s only because non-Blacks can get away with straightening their hair, people just assume it was straight naturally. Or they become “exotic” for having kinky hair.

  • Gina Jackson-Powell

    Gigantic head Giuliana Rancic is a skinny ass alien looking bitch.