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Two high school students at Atlantic City’s Holy Spirit High School thought it would be funny to dress up as a monkey and banana to taunt the black players of Atlantic City High School. But people didn’t find it funny at all and quite racist.

“I absolutely think it was offensive,” said Ricardo Belgrave to NBC10. “You should know when you’re putting that costume on, it should come in your mind that this might offend African-American people.”

But not everyone thought it was racist.

“To me it was harmless kids pranks, you know. I didn’t see any racial overtones to anything,” said Jack Versput.

The students involved in the prank will not be punished, but have been warned similar actions would not be tolerated. But the referees were reprimanded and were told it should not have been allowed.

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  • Anthony

    The idea of putting on a stupid costume reminds me a rather family I knew when I was a kid. One day I saw one of the kids pick up a dog turd and throw it on his brother while he yelled, “I put poop on you!” It never occurred to the crap throwing genius that he had to put poop on himself to put it on his brother.

    The same goes for dimwits who put on costumes to make fun of others.

  • Rizzo

    holy spirit must have been “desperate” to win this game. rather than relying on their experience, physical talent and coaching ability, they resorted to psychological gamesmanship tactics – putting “sportsmanship” aside. desperate men sometimes make desperate moves

  • Students putting on such offensive costumes will cause people to be rightfully outraged. Basketball games are exciting and they can be emotional. Yet, there is no place for this type of action. The kids who did this weren’t punished, which is a shame. Some individuals are getting bold, but the spirit of black people are bolder than the antics of disrespectful individuals. We still shine despite obstacles. This incident is not the first of its kind. We have to call things out and keep on living our lives courageously for the dignity of our people.

  • thagreatestmanalive

    Check the irony. “Holly” “Spirit” “Whites” equals racism. Fast from that hog people. Who’s going to enslave you, betray you, than save you?

  • Joy Kaine

    These kids knew damn well they were being racially offensive and the school should have called them out. They’re never, ever, accountable for their actions and its always a damn excuse.