Oh, Madonna.

First you feel that you’re discriminated against because of your age. Then you said ageism is worse than racism. Now, you’re feeling some kind of way because you haven’t been invited to the White House.

In an interview with US Weekly, Madonna gave her reasons as to why she the president hasn’t extended an open invitation to the White House.

“He probably thinks I’m too shocking to be invited to the White House. If I was a little bit more demure. If I were just married to Jay Z. He could take me for a second wife.”

Or maybe the president just isn’t a fan?

If anything Beyoncé couldn’t be called demure either. Honestly, I think a conversation with Madonna could actually be better than one with Beyoncé. Even with all of the crazy stuff she’s been saying lately. I’d just want to hear her Michael Jackson and Dennis Rodman.

Image Credits: AP/Getty Images

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