Instagram was a buzz when Sleepy Hollow star Nicole Beharie posted a telling Instagram of what’s been going on behind the scenes of the show:


Apparently, a DVD set is being released soon with behind the scenes commentary and Beharie was not invited. How is that even possible when she’s one of the main stars? Nothing like Hollywood to push out the black woman.

If you’re a fan of the show, you may have noticed that Beharie’s role has become more marginalized. Fans have complained about her recent storylines and the fact that she’s being downplayed, while other female stars are now receiving all of the shine. One has to wonder (or even assume) that it’s about race.

Also, after snooping around on the internet, it seems as though Orlando Jones isn’t doing DVD commentary either.

From Tumblr:

What are we to make of that? If I understand correctly the only ones which are giving commentary to that pathetically disasterous S2 are, Mison, Noble, Winters, quick find another Caucasian, as that is the only qualification.

But now that it’s out that Beharie isn’t being included, her fans and even fellow actress Anika Noni Rose are having their say:

The sad thing about the situation is that it proves once again, Hollywood isn’t kind to ‘black’ Hollywood.

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  • binks

    I don’t see a season 3 for this show. It is a wrap when not only fans are vocal, but the actors are vocal, critics and when the executives from the network had to step in and questioned the direction and production of the show so you know something rotten was afoot. I loved the first season but couldn’t make it through the second season because it was clear where the direction of the show wanted to head AND it wasn’t in favor of Nicole beharie. But I am not surprised, as mentioned this happened to Taraji Henson on POI, the ABC Family show Twisted with the young black actress and has been happening to Kat Graham on Vampire Dairies. IT always seem like when a show has a cult following or weaved its way into pop culture where the leads are nonwhite or the secondary nonwhite casts are popular TPTB finds some way to reel it in by deterring it or messing it up where it’s not the same anymore and you lose interest. As the saying goes the more things change the more they stay the same. But the plus side is when SH is canceled I have no doubt that Nicole will bounce back. I am so tired of Hollywood using the black audience for ratings but want to treat us and black actors/actresses like crap but still want us to be grateful they threw us scraps.

    • roo08

      What exactly happened with Graham on VD? I read the fandom for the show was racist too.

    • binks

      It is kind of the same thing that is happening to Nicole Beharie. The writer is giving Bonnie (Kat Graham) horrible story lines or nonexistent storylines despite the character promising start and she is a fan favorite. Even the male co stars wants their characters to be shipped with Bonnie (for awhile VD fans wanted a Damon and Bonnie Super couple Pairing because the two actors have chemistry) but It Seems like the main head writer seems to have a problem with Bonnie being in the spotlight. I mean there is some tea here and there about what goes on behind the scenes of VD. I don’t know for sure but I will be here if Kat Graham ever writes a tell all because fans definitely see some shade with the writing for Kat. Honestly, at this point she seems just to be on the show because she is there minority quota.

  • She_Wolf

    Well this is a shame… and here I thought strides were being made with this show and its attempts to be diverse… le sigh.