You’d think SAE would try to walk away quietly after being exposed in their viral n-word chant video. But the fraternity says it may sue the university and the university’s president.

According to News Channel 4, the SAE has hired a high-profile attorney to represent them. The fraternity is upset that its house was shut down and its members branded as racists.

Stephen Jones, the attorney for the fraternity, says the students have apologized for the chant but feels they’re now being exploited.

Jones also feels it’s not fair that the members have been called racists.

Jones was hired after an emergency meeting was held between SAE and its alumni members.

Image Credits:News Channel 4/AOL

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  • I agree with the students lawyer they should not be tarred and feathered or suspended maybe counseling but not suspending I just like them deserve the protection of free speech under the constitution of the USA they did not hollow fire in a crowded theater. I think the UO President is over reaching for some other reason.