A video of two kids dancing that was uploaded to YouTube is receiving a lot of negative comments. The two kids, who look to be between the ages of 9-12, are dancing but some feel their movements are inappropriate. Sure, there’s tons of booty popping and thrusting, but they’re also displaying acrobatic ability.


Growing up in our household was like a scene from Footloose. No suggestive dancing was allowed. But then again, growing up in a religious household, there wasn’t much of anything we could do that was considered ‘secular’. Nowadays, kids are emulating the dancing they see in music videos which have evolved from Rhythm Nation type routines to sex with clothes on moves.

Personally, I’m not sure if I’d want my son or daughter rubbing up against another child while dancing or popping their private parts at each other. But to each their own.

Clutchettes, do you think there are certain styles of dance or dance moves that are inappropriate for kids?

Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot

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  • Mary Burrell

    I’m thinking “No” very inappropriate there is enough hypersexuality in music and entertainment, children need to stay in children’s places.

    • Preach Sister. Children need to be children. Children a’int grown.

    • Ajavee

      Mary I agree let children remain children. They have plenty of time to be adults. Children grow up way to fast.

  • All these people are doing is setting these innocent young girl [Dancing Dolls etc.] up to become prey for older men and the s*x traffickers and don’t even know it.

    • Jn

      This argument sounds a little bit like victim blaming.

    • see this is the sickness that permeate the black community “when a warner to warn you about pending doom you ignore the warning and view the warner as a enemy and in your case put the new term on the “victim blaming” and somehow think you are smart.

  • Kels99

    I swear, these days black folks love to excuse ratchetness as “culture” that has some kind of value. “They’re acrobatic”. Give me a damn break. This is totally inappropriate, it’s ignorant, and borderline child abuse. Black children are sexualized at such young ages. It’s sad.

  • Jn

    If these same kids were placed in a gymnastic floor competition, the responses would be different. I think the context influences the way people perceive these kids. There was not a lot of booty-popping. There was more backflips and air kicks.