If you’re not familiar with the acronym “DNR”, you may want to familiarize yourself with it. A do-not-resuscitate order, or DNR order, is a medical order written by a doctor. It instructs health care providers not to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) if a patient’s breathing stops or if the patient’s heart stops beating.

Throughout the recent Bobbi Kristina Brown news, it has made me realize that having a DNR in place may not be a bad idea. It’s said that the quality of life a person has after coming out of a medically induced coma often leaves the patient fully dependent on their family or health provider. Often times they never fully recover and are able to live the life they previously lived.

Although I understand how family members may not want to ‘let go’, sometimes they need to think more about the person’s situation than their own feelings. In a conversation with my sister, I jokingly told her that I bequeathed her my Facebook account, and also let her know that if anything was ever to happen to me, just let me go. Of course she thought it was a creepy conversation to have, but in light of the recent issues with those like Jahi Mcmath and Bobbi Kristina, it’s a much-needed conversation.


Clutchettes, what do you think about DNR orders? Would you ever put one in place for yourself?

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