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Earlier this month Dallas resident Wykesha Reid went to a ‘salon’ for her fourth butt injection. The next morning, she was found dead in the salon. According to the woman who raised her, Reid was obsessed with getting a bigger but.

“Everybody else got big booties,” Patricia Kelley, 70, said Reid told her. “So she wanted a big booty.”

“Your butt’s getting too big,” Kelley recalled telling her. “But she got hooked on them booty shots.”

Reid isn’t the only woman who made the decision to head get injected with god-knows-what, by some back-alley ‘salon’. Nowadays it seems as though people would rather risk their lives, getting their asses inflated with things like fix-a-flat, then a) being proud of what they have b) finding a reputable cosmetic surgeon.

From The Root:

The average cost of a buttock augmentation performed by an accredited plastic surgeon: $4,383 with implants—about $250 less if supplemental fat is grafted from another part of the body.

The average cost of illegal butt injections rendered by unlicensed anybodies who use superglue, motor oil, cement, silicone, sometimes Fix-a-Flat to compose the vilest of concoctions: as little as $500, but the side effects are frequently causing horrid disfiguration. Most tragically, black women are literally dying for big booties.

There always exists some impossible benchmark to which we must aesthetically aspire in order to qualify our beauty. If it’s not the shade of our skin, it’s the gold standard of hair length and texture. If it’s not the gold standard of hair length and texture, it’s the composition of our facial features. If it’s not the composition of our facial features, it’s the shape of our bodies.

It’s sad to think the black women are now risking their lives in pursuit of bigger butts. Is it really that serious?

Clutchettes: Given the recent deaths, why do you think black women are willing to take such big risks?

Image Credit: WFAA/The Reid Family

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  • Michelle

    If anyone can answer this one:
    How does an augmented rear feel like?
    For me, it doesn’t make sense to risk a life just for a bum that doesn’t even feel like a real one.


    My mom and I were talking about this the other day. I think that people are so starved for attention and validation, and social media is only making it worse. We see these “models” who seem to be making money and getting attention from wealthy and/or powerful men, and some women will do whatever it takes to get that. Also, there’s a cultural standard that says “real” black women have big hips and backsides, and it can be hard if you don’t fit into that mold. I hope that black women begin to work on true self-love and realize that physical attributes don’t have any bearing on your beauty.

  • Jigsaw

    The irony is that while ALL shades of women are getting butt injections, the non-blacks actually have the insurance &/or cash/credit to obtain a medically safe (if you can call it that) procedure from a licensed doctored. Women of color (black, hispanic) are percentage wise of less means and more likely to go the back-alley/dirty hotel room route…..