My uncle and his girlfriend have been together since I’ve been born. Close to 35 years. They live together. Do everything together, but they’ve never discussed marriage. Sometimes I feel odd referring to her as my ‘aunt’, which signifies blood relation or marriage to me, but I can’t dispute the fact that she is definitely one in the sense of the term.

Then there’s my girlfriend.

She’s 40 years old and has been living with her boyfriend for 10 years. They have one child together. Even though her boyfriend is the one who wants to get married, she says it’s not important to her. Her motto has always been, with marriage, comes divorce. With divorce comes, “This n* isn’t getting half of my money”. Yes, she’s the breadwinner. Yes, she would probably be the one paying alimony.

Marriage isn’t for everyone. I get that. But when a couple sends the majority of their relationship co-habitating, what makes them not want to take that next step?

Is it because a piece of paper is just that? Or is it because they don’t want to legally be tied to someone?

Two different scenarios. Two different couples who’ve lived together for what seems like forever. And no marriage in sight for either. I guess if they’re happy, why fix it?

Clutchettes, why do you think some people choose not to get married?

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