Of all things to name their band, the group of white men above decided on Black Pussy. Once again proving, hipsters are probably the most racist type of people out there. The Portland, OR based group is now feeling backlash against their name and a petition has been created to have them change it. But it seems as though the group is taking it as a joke.

They not only posted the petition of their own Facebook page, but also added a message to their  Facebook page that reads, “Black Pussy does not condone or endorse any sexism, racism, ageism, violence, or any other douchebaggery that has been spoiling the party since the party started. If you are offended by the band’s name, please refer to the following video.” The video is basically a comedian saying that anyone who is offended by words were raised by idiot parents.

Obviously the group consists of attention trolls, because who in their right mind would want to use that as a name. So far the petition has about 300 signatures, and people have threatened to boycott venues who book the group. Sure call your band whatever you want, but don’t think for one second people won’t voice their opinion about it and hit you where it hurts. Your pockets.


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  • ALM247

    Why do I get the feeling that ultimately all this attention is going to end up winning this group more fans due to publicity? They probably won’t change their name. If they wanted attention, they succeeded.


    There’s a famous french rock group named Les Négresses Vertes (Green Female Niggers).

  • Now look here aren’t this site and all other black web sites and black females sites carry article and ad almost every other day begging white men to come get some black pussy, begging white men for interracial relationship and marriage? So why are you sisters and brothers mad at white men for naming their group BLACK PUSSY when they know you are always begging for white d**k and a interracial relationship with them every day and no other race of women do this but the black women. Think about it and tell me where I am wrong?

    • disqus_6sinns1216

      No other race does this? Are you not aware of Asian women’s extremely high interracial relation rates w/ white men?

    • yes but they are not out here begging for them in the open public they subtle with their obsession.

    • disqus_6sinns1216

      They are NOT subtle in their obsession. Ask a white man who’s been in Asia how much hes bombarded with thirst and attention by the women over there. They outright ask for pictures with white men left and right only cuz they’re white. The redheads get the most attention over there though bc red is a sign on good luck in those countries. So a red white man = celebrity down there.

    • parkwood1920

      How about we not ask racist misogynist white men, since many of them travel to Asia for the express purpose of sexually harming women and children.

    • Objection

      Think about it and tell me where I am wrong?

      I haven’t read any article on Clutch begging white men to come and have sex with black women. I don’t believe any race of women have to beg white men for sex. The articles I’ve read talked about being open to dating or marrying white men. Any rational thinking person understands the difference.

      I knew your peace offering to black women want’s going to last long.

    • “The articles I’ve read talked about being open to dating or marrying white men” see that’s the way you see it and I respect your opinion however I see it as begging white men for relationships!

    • I am the only son and grandson of two of the greatest women to walk this earth and those two women taught me well along with a living aunt. “I knew your peace offering to black women want’s going to last long.” I LOVE BLACK WOMEN that’s why I will not spit game, smooth talk, play mind games with her, tell her what she want to hear so she can like me, I will tell her the truth, the unpopular truth and the sometime bitter truth so she can open her eyes and see.

  • Rizzo

    per the urban dictionary – they love what they love