Rihanna has made fashion history by becoming the first Black spokeswoman to represent Dior.

As Dior’s new spokeswoman, Rihanna will star in Dior’s “Secret Garden” video series. The Barbadian beauty will also appear in Dior’s print campaign which will be shot by Steven Klein and debut later this Spring.




“I feel very special, not just as a woman of colour, which I think is brilliant, but as a woman to be acknowledged by Dior is very special.”


In addition to Rihanna’s Dior news, she’s also in the middle of promoting her new movie Home, Rihanna voices the lead character, Tip, who becomes friends with an alien.

“I adored her personality. She’s very brave, fearless and very determined but what I really love about her is that she’s so sassy. I feel like I identify with a lot of those traits,” she smiles. “Especially the sass.”

“I think women are way stronger than they know, or sometimes they do know but they don’t always feel like being strong. Sometimes, you’re like, ‘Can I get a pass?’” she laughs.

“And also, Tip is so bold. And the way she dresses and how she wears her hair is not perfect and I feel like little girls should feel comfortable being that way, being strong and being themselves.”

Image credit: Rabbani and Solimene Photography via Getty Images

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