For the rest of her life Beauton Gilbow will always be known as the “Racist SAE Frat Mom”. Gilbow, who went viral after a Vine was posted with her chanting the n-word, now says she’s not racist.

Of course!

“I have been made aware that a video of me … is circulating on social media and in the news. I am heartbroken by the portrayal that I am in some way racist. I have friends of all race and do not tolerate any form of discrimination in my life,” Gilbow said in a statement, according to the Daily Mail. “I was singing along to a Trinidad song, but completely understand how the video must appear in the context of the events that occurred this week.”

Gilbow, who was the house mom for SAE, does have one supporter in the world. And that’s Don Lemon. The CNN anchor defended Gilbow earlier this week. Lemon thought that just because she was singing the song, doesn’t exactly mean she’s racist.

Woe is Gilbow.

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