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It’s Pisces season, y’all!! We’ve now made the shift from Aquarius, which symbolizes the process of individuation, to a dissolving of boundaries and unifying with the whole, which is definitely something the fish are well versed in.

For all of the Pisceans out there, to “go with the flow” is as real as the air you breathe. What you really aspire to is serving as a vessel for the universe to promote unconditional love and acceptance. You aspire to be a channel which teaches that everything which exists is apart of us all, and that “everything is everything.”

Your challenge stems from the reality that the fish which represents you— is swimming in two different directions: one toward the divine, oceanic source and the other toward a material, concrete existence. Pisces, your lifetime homework is to merge the two.

May your colossal imagination meet with brick and mortar in the most dynamic and creative ways!

And now…. for the horoscopes…..

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