Starbucks wants people to have an open discussion about race. But not one that takes place in a conference room or auditorium, but while you’re ordering your daily over-priced coffee. #RaceTogether is the company’s newest campaign that encourages race talk between its baristas and customers.

And if a customer asks you what this is, try and engage in a discussion that we have problems in this country with regard to race and racial inequality, and we believe we’re better than this. And we believe the country is better than this. And if this makes you have a conversation with a customer about the need for compassion, the need for empathy, the need for love towards others, if you can do that with one customer, one day, then you are making a significant difference as we go forward. — Starbucks

Well let’s just say that didn’t go over too well with people on Twitter. #RaceTogether was met with critiques and ridicule and rightfully so.

Clutchettes, would you be willing to discuss race with your barista?

Image Credits: Starbucks

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  • Bearlikesbones

    These corporations need to stop with the hashtags. They get mocked every time they act like they care.

  • Mary Burrell

    This is just my two cents i don’t see how you can get the baristas to engage their customers in a conversation about race, when many white Americans don’t even want to acknowledge there is racism in America. I would think it would be daunting for those baristas to keep those orders straight for who wanted a caramel mocchiato and a vente. And then talk about race talk. In theory it sounded good. Barrista’s may not be the people to facilitate conversations about race talk. Maybe this was not such a good idea. This was risky to say the least.