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ESPN host Stephen A. Smith never backs down from his controversial opinions. Last week Smith said in order to prove to democrats that they don’t have black America ‘under their thumb’, black people should vote Republican for one election cycle. In an interview with CNN, Smith stood by his statements, telling Michael Smerconish the black community has been instrumental in its own underrepresentation.

“I definitely believe the Black vote has been taken for granted, and primarily the black community is at fault for that in my estimation,” Smith said. “On one hand, we’re giving one party our vote because they’ve successfully gone about the business of convincing our community that the other party, the Republican party, is completely against the interests of the black community.”

Smith, who isn’t alone in his sentiments, feels that the democrat party routinely use their ““license to take us for granted, [and] Republicans have a license to summarily dismiss us because they believe they’ll never get our vote anyway … and then we find ourselves devoid of any kind of representation whatsoever because nobody is really competing to garner our vote and our support.”

But is he really trying to tell people to vote GOP? Smith says he’s not, but people should look at the bigger political picture.

“I’m not trying to convince anybody to vote Republican, I’m not trying to convince anyone to vote Democrat,” Smith said. “I’m simply saying, let’s not be so transparent in our support for one party over another party, when that does not appear to be working for us. Force people to flatter us. White folks do it, Jewish folks do it, Hispanic folks do it — why can’t Black folks do it?”/blockquote>

Clutchettes, what do you think about Smith’s statements? Do you agree or disagree?

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