A 20-year-old Brooklyn woman has recanted a false rape story she told police. The woman said a black man raped her on Saturday in a Brooklyn park. The unnamed woman showed up at Woodhull Hospital and claimed she was raped. She accused the fake rapist of slashing her blouse and bra before assaulting her.

Authorities said the woman did appear to have injuries when she arrived to the hospital, and they said they believed her story. She said the suspect was 6’5 and 220 pounds.

Cops then took the information and spent hours looking at surveillance video and passing out flyers. When they came up with nothing, the woman recanted her story.

No criminal charges are expected to be filed against her, police said.


Filing a false police report and no charges filed? Sounds like some good ole white privilege.

Image Credit: New York Daily News

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  • anichole

    Are we actually surprised? This is one of the reasons the Tulsa Race Riot began…

  • CoolChic

    She should be charged for filing a false report. white privilege once again.
    It’s ish like this that caused the rosewood massacre.

  • Why does the headline say white woman lied about rape but the story about the woman pimping her daughters doesn’t read “black mom pimps black daughters”?

    • Me

      b/c the white woman has been given the privilege of having her name shielded from the headlines whereas the black mom has her full name plastered all over the internet. so i agree. let’s release the white woman’s name instead of hiding her identity.

    • Felina Femenina

      Breeze is a black male who dates white women, and his sole concern in this situation is protecting the image of white women. If only white women like the one in this news story had the same courtesy for black men. …

    • Jo ‘Mama’ Besser

      Oh, great, Bossip’s here. I’ve seen this poster before and *this* situation is *every* situation. There’s a reason as to why I studiously avoid that Dimension of the Damned and all of its ilk and it would be a pity if the kind of hostility that characterizes those places were to infiltrate this site.

  • Anthony

    I will give the NYPD credit for doing due diligence and seriously investigating the claim instead of simply arresting the first tall brother they found. I totally disagree with this woman not being charged. She could potentially could have caused someone to be killed for “resisting arrest” over a BS charge, or someone might have gone to prison over her lies. She deserves a taste of her own medicine.