Baltimore Mother Whoops Rioting Son on Live TV

A Baltimore mother showed her son some much needed tough love when she got in that ass on live TV during the Baltimore riots. The video was captured on Monday and shows the woman snatching her son up, and giving him and the crowd a few words about rioting.

The mother saw her son on TV as he was pitching rocks at the police. Now everyone is applauding her for her actions.

Since no one knows the name of the woman, one has to wonder why her son felt the need to be out there throwing rocks. But one thing is for sure, the kids in Baltimore will never forget this uprising.

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  • Robin

    This is why Black Fathers, Black Uncles, Black Cousins, Black Men need to get UBER serious and step up 1,000% in helping to raise the youth of Black males(period) for just basic pure survival from now on. I personally feel that video was pure embarrassing. Like something from WorldStar that you pray doesn’t make to mainstream just to maintain some sort of integrity among your race….but that prayer wasn’t answered. Read me out: I am not saying anything bad about the plight of Single Black Motherhood nor am I saying not to discipline your child when need be………BUT with a capital B! At this time to see this black mother slap boxing her BLACK male teenage son who lives in the poverty stricken neighborhood (who could have been angered, pissed, mad and upset as the rest of the Baltimore citizens for what has happened to Freddie Gray ) on television is just not acceptable! He wanted to stand for something even if it wasn’t for what we’ve imagined like Dr. King’s Dream. Mother of Year awards should go to all single black mothers handling business in letting their children know about the system in which they live under and that something of what Freddie Gray had gone through will not happen to you. Mother of the Year awards should go to the mothers who had explained the situation to their children and let them know we all are going to protest and March together because what has happened is not right. I refuse to give Mother of Year award that Black and white American citizens are just so congratulatory over for fear of her having her child being killed so I am going to beat some sense into him is utter and complete bullshit! Come on black folks….really? We’ve lost the focus on Baltimore so bad we talking about parenting aspects of the black family. Geesus, many of us don’t even know why the city was rioting in the first place. Remember Freddie Gray? Do we even know what had happened to him? Research it.

  • CoolChic

    This is terrible.