20-year old Maile Hampton of Sacramento, California is scheduled to appear in court this week to fight the absurd charge of lynching. Hampton is an activist who was arrested for “lynching” in January, after she tried to pull a protestor away from a police officer during a rally.

Hampton’s arrest comes under an archaic 1933 California law which was created to prevent people from forcibly taking people from police custody. But nowadays it seems to be used unfairly against protestors.

Sections 405a and 405b of California’s penal code state, “The taking by means of a riot of any person from the lawful custody of any peace officer is a lynching,” and, “Every person who participates in any lynching is punishable by imprisonment . . . for two, three or four years.”

Hampton’s family not only feel that the law is unfair, but they also feel she was being targeted for her role in the #blacklivesmatter movement.

“It’s clear [law enforcement] are trying to target two of the most powerful Answer activists,” she said, referring to the Act Now To Stop War and Racism Coalition.

“Based on how law enforcement has interacted with us and tried to get information, we know that they know that we are very intersectional in our activism and we are two young educated people of color,” said Hampton in an interview with Alternet.

Linda Parisi, Hampton’s lawyer, told the Guardian, “It’s an irony that a woman of color, who was at a public rally to shine a light on police brutality, is arrested for lynching.”

If convicted Hampton faces up to four years in prison.

Image Credit: Anita Chabria/Alternet

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  • G

    Shame! That this happened. It seems as if the law was improperly applied . . . Ah Hem . . . And she may have been a targeted victim.

    We as “Sistas”, are always supporting the “Brothas” . . . let us see how many will come to this brave woman’s aid.

    • noirluv45

      Ha! I’m not holding my breath, G.

    • Anthony

      I would be happy to sign a petition on this young woman’s behalf.

    • Anthony

      I would be happy to donate to her legal defense fund too.

    • noirluv45

      Anthony, I know you would.

    • G

      Anthony, you are indeed the “real deal”.

    • Certainly, black people do have the responsibility to support black women who are oppressed.

    • noirluv45

      Yes, truth. I appreciate the brothers like you who do. You are the ones I salute and feel kinship with. The others…nope.

    • Thank you Sister.

      We have to know about these stories, because black women’s pain & oppression have been minimized, ignored, and demonized by mainstream society. In my spirit, I do feel that 2015 and beyond, more of the truth about society is being revealed. The skeptics (who believe in the myth of a post racial society and who believe in the scourge of misogynoir) have no where to hide. We do have every right and justification to fight back. We have been the most hated group of people throughout human history, but we still rise. We rise irrespective of our situations.

      Regardless of adversity, we still rise and we will continue to stand up for social tranquility and human justice.

      I don’t mean to preach, but sometimes you have do it. LOL.

  • This activist is facing 2-4 years. That is blatantly excessive. Maile Hampton is definitely right to advocate liberty and justice in the midst of the epidemic of police terrorism against black people (and others). Many of these laws today are not only used to target protesters. They have been utilized to try to maintain the status quo in society. Maile Hampton definitely deserves solidarity and support

  • vintage3000

    I’m no attorney, but doesn’t this ridiculous law (which we know was never charged to any caucasian lynch mobs) mean that you actually pulled someone away from a cop’s custody? And that the person pulled away was murdered?

    I swear caucasians come up with new ways of being evil every damn day.

  • PurpNGold1

    At least there is a black (female) Attorney General in California…

    • Anthony

      Kamala Harris is running for Barbara Boxer’s Senate seat, she is a disciple of a President Obama. My guess is that she will not intervene in a racially sensitive case leading up to an election.

    • PurpNGold1

      I had no idea she was running for that seat. I can only hope she will intervene but with an election looming politicians will always do whatever they feel will get them ahead.