FLOTUS Michelle Obama is gracing the May 2015 cover of Glamour with stars Kerry Washington and Sarah Jessica Parker. The powerful cover was shot by photographer Patrick Demarchelier and styled by Laura Ferrara.

According to Glamour, the three women are teaming up for huge project!

Image Credit: Glamour/Patrick Demarchelier

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  • AfroCapricornette

    Nice! Someone finally got Kerry’s face right. They all look beautiful.

    • Love.tweet.joi


  • Love.tweet.joi

    Wow, so they WERE able to get the lighting exact for both complexions. Now that wasn’t so hard, was it? I have a feeling that Glamour is capitalizing on Cosmo’s recent fail. LOL. Good job Glamour. Still not purchasing a subscription, but good job anyway.

    The last subscription I bought was Ebony right after they did the tribute to Trayvon Martin. I still want a photo of my son in a hoodie sort of as a tribute and a reminder that as a black mom, we have to continue to protest because our sons aren’t safe.

  • Mary Burrell

    Nice cover. At least they got Kerry right

  • K.C.

    Nice cover but I have seen better shots of Sarah Jessica Parker. Oh well, nice cover anyway.

  • I have no problem with the cover. The First Lady looks gorgeous like usual.