Helena Andrews, author of Bitch is The New Black and Washington Post columnist, attended the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday. But is now being put on blast by a bunch of patriotic white people on Twitter because she was texting during the National Anthem.

During the anthem, a camera panned to Andrews as she was texting. And white people lost their sh*t online. Because ‘Murica.

Andrews did offer a snarky explanation as to why she was texting:

But that set off even more people:

One has to wonder if Andrews was a white woman, would they even attack her? But wait, that would probably only happen if she was a liberal white woman.

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  • It is ironic that the haters are criticizing Helena Andrews, but she wasn’t cursing people out, she wasn’t threatening people, and he was not hurting anyone. This is a phony outrage. It is hypocritical for these haters to slam Helena, but these haters have used disrespectful tweets against her. Also, America was formed as a settler state as a product of white supremacists using slaves (from Africa) and stealing lands (from the indigenous peoples). America was formed after a war with another evil imperial power of Great Britain. America is not God regardless of what some may believe. These haters worship American exceptionalism when people have the right to dissent and the freedom to act as individuals not as automatons to the status quo. I wish more blessings for Sister Helena Andrews.

  • Kiki

    Do people now a days really not understand the concept of “time and place” anymore? I am not giving her a pass because she is black.


    Whose idea was it to give smart phone to [ …] people?

  • Rizzo

    black americans, men and women, fought in every war this country has been involved in — from the revolution to iran, in segregated wars and jim crow. patriotism, respect for the country, nationalism, slavery and racism.

  • ShayRe

    Really? I remember during my high school years during pep rally I got in trouble for not standing up for the national anthem. I stood my ground even as a teenager I though it was all a load of crap and I still don’t stand for it. I was a rebel before I even knew I was.