The Iowa Gazette has been accused of blatant racial bias when it comes to the photos they use of black men and white men, when they’ve committed the same crimes.

According to blogger Rafi D’Angelo at SoLetsTalkAboutIt.com, The Gazette in Cedar Rapids printed mug shot photos of black burglary suspects and yearbook photos for white burglary suspects.

D’Angelo noticed the difference when 3 white men from the University of Iowa were caught with stolen items from several Iowa homes. Instead of using their mugshots, the Gazette chose to use yearbook photos of Ross Lembeck, Seth Gross and Logan Ryan, all 19 and all white.

On the same day, the same reporter who wrote about the white burglars also reported on three black men, who were charged with burglary, Kwain E. Crawford, 36; Milton Whitehead, 50; Quentin D.W. Eatman, 24; and Curtis J. Johnson, 29 — were all pictured in their police mug shot.

After D’Angelo’s blog post gained traction online, the newspaper then changed the white burglar’s photos to mugshots.

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