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Last night, Isaiah Washington appeared on CNN and spoke with Don Lemon about Chris Rock’s recent run-ins with the police and being pulled over. Rock has been posting his traffic stop selfies on Twitter, and they’ve been garnering a lot of attention. But Washington wasn’t there to talk against racial profiling. Washington actually suggested that black people should learn to ‘adapt’. On Twitter, Washington told Rock he should try getting a different car.

Washington apparently believes that it boils down to the type of car that a black man drives, when it comes to getting pulled over. In his interview with Lemon, Washington suggested that black people need to learn to adapt to survive.

“He needs to look at the area he is in and visit with the local police officers in that community … and question them as to why they are pulling him over specifically,” Washington said.

“We’ve been burdened for 400 years …. We are in a situation where we have to survive in extreme circumstances with people who are angry and those who are practicing white supremacy—they are on the hunt and they are angry,” Washington said to Lemon. “The onus is on us. If we don’t survive, we don’t live to fight another day—and that is what I was saying to adapt.”

Ahh, but nothing was mentioned about cops.

So black people, get rid of your expensive car. Drive a Prius. Adapt to racism. You’ll be alright….eventually. Also don’t forget to forgive and forget.

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  • mmmdot

    Some celebs should not be allowed to speak. Throw the ball and shut up. Sing the song and shut up. Tell the joke and STFU! Sometimes I wish these people who aren’t really educated or informed about anything other than entertainment or sports would just drink a big glass of STFU.

  • Rizzo

    i think we’ve physically adapted after 400 years of slavery and jim crow. accommodation may be what he’s getting at — changing internal mentally to fit external reality; i.e., mentally it’s ok for him to have a mercedes because he’s earned it and he can afford it. the reality of it is driving while black. He gets a negro wake up call even though he is an actor who has earned the right to drive whatever he wants. to accommodate, he got rid of his mercedes and got two toyotas. now that was hard.

    while trying to accommodate, he has absorbed the norms, values and mores of the dominant culture – he is a natural citizen, speaks the same language, educated, supposedly shares the same ethic and moral values of the dominant society and has done so his entire life — the process of assimilation. but, the dominant culture does not absorb him into their culture — he is rejected; i.e., the dominant society does not allow him to assimilate. he goes back to accommodation?