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‘I’ve Seen This Movie Too Many Times Before‘– President Obama

On Wednesday President Barack Obama spoke with Steve Harvey about the recent uprising in Baltimore in the wake of 25-year-old Freddie Gray’s death.

“Unfortunately we’ve seen these police-related killings or deaths too often now, and obviously everybody is starting to recognize that this is not just an isolated incident in Ferguson or New York, but we’ve got some broader issues,” Obama told host Steve Harvey on the radio show.

“The kind of violence that we saw from a handful of individuals in Baltimore – there’s no excuse for that,” he said. “That’s just criminal behavior. It’s counter-productive because it hurts the very communities that are already suffering a tragedy with Freddie Gray’s death.”

He added: “My hope is that people heed the call of Freddie Gray’s family.”

Obama went on to say that it’s important for all communities, not just Baltimore, to address these problems in a serious way. “This is not just a job for the Justice Department; it’s a job for all of us as a society.”

Police officers “have got to build more trust. It’s in their interest to root out people who aren’t doing their job … instead of the closing of the ranks we see,” Obama said.

“We put them into communities … where young people think it’s much more likely they’re going to prison than going to college … You’ve got communities that have been disinvested for years. If you send police officers into those situations, where the drug trade is the primary economy and you say your job is to basically contain that … then it’s not surprising that you end up with a situation of enormous tension between those communities and those police officers.

“We’re not going to change this overnight,” Obama concluded. “It requires focus.”

Clutchettes, what do you think about the president’s comments?

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  • Pema

    Blah, blah, blah…and this is why I did not vote for you the second time.

  • Anthony

    Barack Obama needs to be a lesson to us. There has never been a Jewish, Asian, Latino, or Gay president (at least none open,) and all of those groups get more respect from politicians, including the dark (he really no lingers deserves to be called black) president currently in office. Part of the problem is an American racist system that always strives to put us on the bottom, and part is the fact that w have economic power, plus we have consistently failed to maximize local political power (i.e. Ferguson.) We really need to hark back to the days of Booker T. Washington, and work to build ourselves from the ground up. I don’t care if every woman only has a 1/4″ of hair, we need to freeze out the Koreans. We need to organize some everybody and their momma can’t come and set up a raggedy store on our block.
    We need to make our kids study, like immigrant blacks so no one can wave test scores in our faces when we apply for schools and jobs.

    The bottom line is that we have had a century of “firsts” from Jack Johnson to Barack Obama. These firsts tend to be symbols that make us feel good, but don’t change our material conditions. We need to change our material conditions.

    • Jaya

      **Standing ovation!!!

    • Anthony


    • AfroCapricornette

      In Gaga’s voice, “Applause, applause”! Lol. You might get some negative comments but hey, the truth hurts! Like I mentioned in a previous thread, I go outta my way to support minority everything (Black biz) when I can/when available but even the tiny bodegas are Latino owned, beauty stores Korean/Chinese (in my area), I don’t eat junk so if there are Black owned McD and the like, sorry. My boss, a Jew tells me point blank that Jews help themselves and I see it, same with [email protected]

    • noirluv45

      Excellent comment, Anthony!!!

    • Pema


  • Tony

    First of all, the political landscape changed forever on Nov. 22, 1963. Do you think Obama would have gotten elected if the powers that be didn’t want it. The President’s job is to keep the country on the same path as the previous presidents; to keep the world safe for predatory capitalism. Domestic issues are really not the concern of the president, his main focus is on the world stage, he will say and do just enough to give the illusion that your situation has changed. In reality,
    nothing has changed. We are still talking about the same issues our grandparents were talking about; rights, healthcare, and the economy. We are delusional if we
    think this president or any president will ever make any significant changes.

    And, if we think the violence that we and our proxies commit
    on the rest world do not have any effect on us, again we are delusional.

  • Darkness901

    Jimmy McMillian would make a better president in 2016. At least we know American’s rent won’t be too damn high. And, our president will have an awesome beard. Who wouldn’t vote for this guy. At least he will get stuff done.

  • Obama “Stop Crying” No one is denying or defying reason. Bigotry this time from
    so called politically correct administrations. Baltimore next door to D.C same old
    (House Toms) belitting and oppressing aspiring Black middle class. Plenty indifference stagnated Baltirmore why now arrest. Gang memebers were the economic progress Rawlings allowing. Tax exemptions cartels is hard sell what deficit. New sewage lines and side walks yeah bond issue. Higher taxes your idiot!