Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.55.01 PMIt’s amazing how every single year a new study is written about Black women and their dating lives. You’d think people would have better things to research, because God knows this is getting old.

According to the Brookings Institute, Black women are more likely to marry down than their white counterparts, because they are surpassing men in the area of education and careers. What they failed to mention also is that advanced degrees don’t mean crap nowadays. Also, if a black woman is happy with marrying down, so be it.

I know plenty of white women who are more educated than their husbands. But I don’t see people nitpicking about their dating and marrying habits. But yet again, Black women are made to be the scapegoats.

I’ve dated down and dated up. As far as marriage, it’s not even on my radar. As someone who holds advanced degrees, the first question that doesn’t pop out of my mouth when I meet someone isn’t about their education or job. But then again, here in Washington, D.C. that’s the first question out of alot of people’s mouths.

If you’re interested in dissecting, yet another bs study about Black women, by all means – you can read it here.

Maybe one of these days someone will do a study on something a lot more important.

Clutchettes, what do you think about yet another study about the dating and marrying habits of Black women?

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  • Mr. Z

    So I read (skimmed) the study just to see what it was about, and i must say clutch, you win the click bait award. Round of applause.

    Onto business then… That ‘study’ as you call it does point out that black women are more likely to marry down versus their other counterparts. But it’s not pointing it out to say bw can’t do better/find better. It’s stating that (and i’ll quote) “-assortative mating- one of the key mechanisms to maintaining the higher social status (as it’s already been acquired by hard work and the pursuit of higher education) isn’t as available to them” as it is to their counterpart.

    Why/How is it less available? The statistics don’t play in their favor (in terms of a BA, between ages 25-35)

    ww- 37%
    wm- 29%
    bw – 23%
    bm – 16%

    How do you fix it? Easy answer: bm go get a trade/BA degree. Real answer: I’ll have to think about it.

  • ♎Lauren♎

    Raise your hand if you tired of these bullsh*t a$$ studies??? I just want America to leave Black women alone. Let us be ugly, unlovable, too independent, over-sexualized or whatever dumb stereotype or diss you want to throw. Just leave my ugly, unlovable a$$ alone and thank your lucky stars you don’t have to wake up and be me. Mmkay? K.