• I heard of this story too. First, who is he to criticize the term African-American. There is nothing wrong with black people calling themselves African American. He or the sheriff uses the same weak arguments in trying to ignore the real issue. The real issue is that we have a massive epidemic of police brutality and bad policies in our criminal injustice system. Just because a President is black doesn’t mean that all of racism is extinguished in society. We have massive racism in America. It has been shown by how many black people have been sentenced unfairly, about how many people have been discriminated against in jobs, etc. Also, many black people reject profanity and other evil actions.

    There is no massive public outrage at many whites being involved in numerous crimes. When a white person does drug trafficking, serial killing, etc. folks don’t say that this white person has embraced a “thug culture.” People say that these individuals are evil and they must be punished. So, the sheriff is stirring up racism and he is a disgrace. Black culture is diverse and it is beautiful. Crime rates in the black community has declined since 1970. Since 1992, black teenage pregnancy rates have declined. Therefore, we have a long way to go, but all black people are not social nihilists. The vast majority of black people aren’t murderers, most of us aren’t rapists, etc. I have noticed that sheriff (and people like him) refuse to micro-analyze other groups of people. They are just obsessed with stereotyping us and they minimize the pain and the oppression that black people go through. That is why we must fulfill our own expectations and not fulfill the theocratic, retrograde, and evil views of that Sheriff.

    Black people will move forward and establish real solutions.

  • Rizzo

    united states history describes whites as landing in america around 1620 — the rise of the super predators and indiscriminate violence aka ‘thug culture.’ not liking the term african-american — whites renamed africans ‘ni**gers’ during slavery and the practice continues today. for african americans, anomie began with slavery and continues today — the impetus for his video and the reason he prefers the term ‘blacks.’