In the words of Colonel Nathan R. Jessup from A Few Good Men, “You can’t handle the truth.” And that’s exactly what a lot of white people are proving once again online with their asinine reactions to Amandla Stenberg’s viral video on cultural appropriation.

Just take a look at a few of the comments found online:


You do realize many blacks today are more racist/bigoted than many whites, right?… “White supremacy” isn’t even a real thing right now. If it were, we wouldn’t have a black president. If it were, Rihanna wouldn’t be one of the most popular artists of all time. Go listen to Kendrick Lamar’s “The Blacker The Berry.”


That loser can stay in Tumblr, if you don’t anyone adapting anything at all from your culture then your culture should move to the middle of desert. Seriously, everyone takes something from everyone, whites from blacks, blacks from whites. Asians, Indians, whatever. No culture lives on its own. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have not appropriated anything, they just have used in their music and imagery the cultures they have been exposed to which include black culture as it is very prominent in the US. Why would she go for the biggest fish in the pond though? Her struggling career needs attention!

What an incredible pile of crap. This is what happens when you keep crying, “VICTIM! VICTIM! VICTIM” over and over: TRUE victims aren’t given the proper attention and services because “VICTIM!” begins to simply go in one ear and out the other of everyone being screamed at. (Example: the guy who was on the ground with his hands clearly displayed but was still put in a chokehold by police and subsequently died. THAT’S inexcusable police brutality––yet that incident has gotten lumped in with all of this other nonsense [see #2 below]. I’d love to meet this girl’s parents and hear what they have to say about this video.)

You guys, go easy on Amandla. She’s just misguided and uninformed. Unfortunately, these things sometimes go with being young.


It’s absolutely hilarious how some people can’t see the truth if it walked up to them and hit them in the face. At the mere age of 16, Stenberg could do everyone a favor by sharing some of her common sense.

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  • Mary Burrell

    I was on Google + and the trolls are in full effect. I had to tell several of them what i thought about their idiotic post. I really have to wonder about the dominate culture. When they are exposed and put on blast it’s not pretty.

  • Mary Burrell

    I am surprised they haven’t come to Clutch and showed their behinds.

    • paintgurl40

      Shhh! Girl don’t talk the devil up! LOL

    • Staci Elle

      but but they’re natural too! ( sarcasm)

    • paintgurl40

      LOL! Don’t start…

    • Staci Elle

      Teehee okay girl

    • Mary Burrell

      @paintgurl40: You said that right LOL

  • paintgurl40

    They are foaming at the mouth mad! The truth fits like a favorite glove, but the problem is when truth is handed to you, you have to do something about it that you’re not ready to admit or deal with. So no matter how many times we blacks say they are stealing from our culture, they’ll stick to their same old lies that we owe them, we always cry victim, it’s all our fault. etc, etc. However, we need to STOP giving away our culture like it’s free samples at the grocery store. They will NEVER accept us as EQUALS! They DON’T WANT us as equals because that other nasty little truth will come out! The sooner black people realize this fact then we may see some changes.

  • White People.. yep, all of em… goin off some random comments from some bullshit youtube video. some real scientific shit there. A COUPLE WHITE NOBODIES IN MIDDLE AMERICA ARE IRKED BY A YOUTUBE VIDEO. theres your real title. but then no one would care to read it. but the content of the articles are the same.. exactly. these “writers” are a fuckin joke and probably take a check from the Department of Divide and Conquer.

    • K.C.

      I agree that like most sites, this one uses bait issues to draw people in – usually those issues are about how the white power structure is abusing us. They understand this will get people upset and upset people are more likely to post and discuss. I wish the articles were a bit more neutral to let people come to their own conclusion too. However, if we compare this site to Bossip, this is worlds better. If that is worth anything. I have not found too many black sites catered to women who are not straight up ratchet. lol. This is one is low on the ratchet scale. lol!

  • K.C.

    I respeect this young lady a lot. How smart, savvy and thoughtful she is. Cultural appropriation is a hot button topic. Tricky one. I fundamentally believe only a culture that has been dominant and in power can be accused of cultural appropriation. The constant response to her video is how minorities also culturally appropriate. True. We live on this planet with each other and for millions of years cultural diffusion has been happening. The difference is the borrowing of a marginalized group’s culture for your amusement without also undertaking the hard task of fighting for that marginalized culture on more “serious” issues. That said, we have to be ready to answer to why we appropriate the image of the dominant culture that has been forced on us. We have to find good answers as to why almost all of our famous black women only take the stage in bone-straight weaves – a look that is natural to someone else’s race. Or why our men our singing about women who do not look like their mothers. Is that cultural appropriation or something else? Once we find good answers for those questions then we can focus on the greater problem: if you are going to borrow our culture, ridicule it, make it something fun and amusing – also get with us on more pressing issues that we face. Don’t just wear our cornrows, get into our skin and know what it is like to be followed in a grocery store because some store owner thinks you can’t afford what he’s selling. Appropriate that too. Katy Perry has no talent. Have to mention that.

    • Adanma

      I mostly agree with what you say, especially on taking the not-so-pretty aspects of blackness

      In the case of black women wearing straight hair and black men singing the praises of women of all ethnicities but their own, the issue is not of appropriation, but of ASSIMILATION. Cultural appropriation hinges on one leveraging power/privilege in order to “play” or “try out” certain aspects of a marginalized culture with the guarantee of remaining shielded from its negative associations. A White kid can sport cornrows, baggy jeans, and a chain to appear edgy, and may be called out as a “wigger”. However, if shit gets too real, his insurance is that acceptance is just a haircut and change of clothing away. The difference with Black people taking on the dress, speech patterns, etc. associated with “whiteness” is that it is a condition of acceptance, though never guaranteed.

    • K.C.

      Interesting point you bring up. I have always debated the difference in my mind. I think you are right but if we are saying that a white person wearing cornrows is appropriation, I think a straight haired weave is too. I don’t think the issue always expands to whether or not the person stands up for our issues but for me, Bo Derek was culturally appropriating. Taking on a look that is hours and making it hot or current. The issue is compounded when the person does not stand with us on more serious issues. I think for me the difference is when we appropriate, we are still not in power so we have no effect on the course on white lives when our women still their straight weave look. However, wearing another race’s hair type (to the point that you damage your own) is very much appropriation. Again, I just reject the idea that our appropriation is damaging to their lives because we simply don’t have the power (in numbers and economically etc) to have that effect. Their appropriation of us can be damaging. Make sense? Thin line between the two.