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“I’ve always had a knack for running, jumping and weight training”

Rose Green may be 76, but that isn’t stopping her from setting records in track. The Maryland resident has won medals in the 200 meters, the 400 meters, and is the American record holder in the 60-meter sprint.

Green has only been running for a year, but she’s already the best in her age group. Green’s coach, Cortez Austin, trains her 7 days a week. Austin is her coach and a little bit more.


“I hate that term — ‘your boo,’” Austin said laughingly. “She is definitely my boo.”

Green and Austin have been dating for four years, but she doesn’t receive any special treatment.

“I think of myself as a very nice coach,” said Austin. “She might not think that.”

“He’ll tell me, ‘Your form is not right, you’re not going as fast as you should,’” Green said. “He’s a very strict coach even though we are lovers.”

Green was inspired by Jamaican sprinters and said someone pushed her into running after finding out she was Jamaican as well.

“This older guy, he’s 91 now — he always said to me, ‘You are a Jamaican. You were born to sprint. Why don’t you go ahead and do the sprints?’” Green said.

And so she did.

Green is currently training for the outdoor national championships and the national senior championships, which both take place in July.

Photo Credits: The Gazette

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