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The Atlanta Citizen Review Board is a police watchdog group that is trying to get a message across. But some feel they may be pointing the finger at the wrong individuals. The group is now dolling out dollars to put up “Don’t Run” billboards throughout Atlanta.

Most of the billboards will be placed on the southwest and east-side of Atlanta.

I’ll wait for someone to place on a billboard to cops “Don’t shoot and kill us.”

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  • blogdiz

    This is now the favorite pastime of the willfully obtuse pass the burden of the problem be it racism /police brutality /wife beating from the oppressor to the oppressed
    I wish some other group would put up stop killing unarmed black men billboards

  • Cops can kill people even if someone wasn’t running. So, the campaign omits the responsibility of cops to not kill innocent people. People can act in a “respectable” fashion and still be oppressed since the oppressor by definition lacks the respect for human rights. Criminal cops and intelligence agencies have gotten away with murder, imperialism, exploitation, and other evils for decades and centuries. Change is not about forcing people to be malleable to the whims of the establishment. Change is revolutionizing how the system acts and how the system works, so the people can be treated as human beings and not as colonial subjects. To keep it real, they or the establishment want us to be 21st century slaves and not free people. We want to be free and we reject worshiping the police institution. We believe in determination, justice, and accountability to be sent to any cop who terrorizes our communities.

    • ♎Lauren♎

      Fanned and Favorited! Where’s my tambourine?!?!

    • Thank You Sister.

  • Mary Burrell

    I don’t think it matters if the person is running or not in motion if the trigger happy policeman wants to gun down his intended victim.

  • Rizzo

    same advice given by animal experts when approaching feral and/or otherwise unknown, or unfamiliar, animals: don’t run — running in panic is not advisable. once you are safe, call for help to report the animal …

    • Anthony

      I have thought that many times. Police can be just like dogs, if they see you running, they start chasing. I think all of us have heard stories of black men being collared because they were jogging or running to catch a bus. I know Eric Holder told of being hassled running to catch a bus or see a movie when he was a young US Attorney.