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Beyoncé broke her silence on the ongoing situation in Baltimore via her Instagram.

In her first Instagram message, she writes, “People are hurting. Join us in supporting the NAACP to help in the cleanup efforts and to provide housing, food and supplies to those affected by the unrest in Baltimore.”

In the second Instagram post, Bey shared a video with her 31 million followers of the cover of this week’s Time magazine, showcasing the similarities between the Baltimore riots of 1968 and today.

A video posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

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  • G

    So the “Sage of Wisdom” that is Beyonce has spoken . . . . changes are coming to America . . ..

    Lawwwd help me.

    • Mary Burrell

      @G: LOL!

  • I have no problem with her statement about how people are suffering. The situation of Baltimore is complex. There are issues of poverty that must be addressed. There is a problem of police misconduct nationwide and people are entitled to solutions. Solutions will have to be a multiple of things not just one action. We shouldn’t view celebrities as perfect. Likewise, we have the responsibility to make a difference in our communities too.

  • Niesha

    Beyonce has spoken.. Racism will end in…