Eddie Huang’s series Fresh Off The Boat is a network hit on ABC, but recently comments he made on Bill Maher caught the watchful eye of Black feminists.

Maher asked Huang about why he related so much to hip hop music and rap: “I feel like Asian men have been emasculated so much in America that we’re basically treated like Black women… When I sit on OkCupid no one wants to talk to me either.” And that definitely didn’t sit well with Black women online.

His comments are made at the 5:19 mark.

Although Huang attempted to defend and clarify his comments and said he related to Black women, here’s how it all went down:

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  • mmmdot

    “that comparison doesn’t have the same real-life outcome which is pry why ppl are arguing with you”

    Exactly. People make these FALSE EQUIVALENCIES all the fucking time b/c THEY don’t read, yet they try to call someone ELSE out on THEIR “lack” of education. Fuck outta here. It all comes back to the fact that ALL non-Black people are promised that if they comply with the inhumane racial hierarchy and don’t challenge anti-blackness, then THEY won’t be the ones relegated to bottom of the racial hierarchy. I have no problem at all coalescing with other people of color, but most of them need to address their anti-blackness. They need to take IMMEDIATE concrete and transparent steps to
    address it within themselves AND the communities they come from. Period. They
    ALSO need to understand the racial hierarchy – which is really a hierarchy of
    human worth and basic human dignity – that places white people on top, black
    people on the bottom as the “opposite race”, and themselves somewhere
    in the middle. Understandably, once a non-black person of color exhibits
    anti-blackness, I really don’t want them anywhere near me until they are fully
    accountable for it and take real steps to begin to address it.

    Anti-blackness is toxic, and I really refuse to blithely be subjected to it from ANYONE, including other people of color. It’s the worst when it comes from whites because they have the social, political, and economic privilege and power to implement their racist anti-blackness as a racist governing structure. But anti-blackness can also cause major psychological and emotional distress when it comes from non-black people of color, because the people you feel SHOULD be your natural allies aren’t. Many non-black people of color seem to recognize the racism that THEIR groups face but don’t understand the specific anti-black racism Black people face. Nor do many non-black people of color understand how they can be complicit with white supremacy by engaging in anti-blackness and colorism.

  • Jane Smith

    Good lord. It was quite obvious what he was trying to say. He wasn’t throwing Black women under the bus. He was identifying with us because it’s true. Because of b.s. stereotypes, Black women and Asian men are considered the most “undesirable”. We need to stop wasting our time fighting over things like this and focus on things that matter. I feel like people are just looking for a reason to be angry over this one.

  • Sharrlize

    BlackGirlDanger: Strong, politically aware, powerful, independent “black feminist” — With a white boy avatar. . . About as real as ‘Carlos Danger’

  • International Observer

    It might not have sounded politically correct but what Eddie Huang said is basically true.