An Atlanta family is making a plea for the return of the return of a missing Clark Atlanta student. Alexis Jones-Rhodes left her home on Monday to attend graduation, but when her family arrived, she wasn’t there.

“I have no idea where my daughter is,” said her mother, Nicole Johnson.

“It’s taken a lot just to stand up here, so I just want to say AJ please, please, please come home,” Johnson said.

But according to Clark Atlanta, Alexis wasn’t scheduled to graduate because she did not meet the requirements.

“I’m hoping that if someone knows where she is, that they make her aware her parents just want to see her home safely,” Johnson said.

DeKalb County police are investigating the disappearance.

Family members say Alexis was driving a black Hyundai Sonata with Georgia tag BPC 6177.


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  • This young lady is hurting she is embarrassed, ashamed because she feels like she has disappointed her family. I pray she has not hurt herself or put her further and life in danger she can overcome this and be a success in life, her parents need to let her know this ain’t the end of the world and don’t make it the end of her world. She is young person thing like this is not unusually, uncommon for a few college students don’t make a bad situation worst come back home get herself in the right frame of mind pick up where she left off and she will be successful do not quit.