Cosmopolitan just made this random bikini clad chocolate sista an Internet sensation because they confused her with Lupita Nyong’o.

Whereas most publications who posted the photo from a French tabloid realized their errors and promptly deleted their articles. Cosmo must have ran out of f–ks to give and haven’t removed the tweet or companion article.

I guess we all do look alike? But I definitely wouldn’t mind a body like Lupita or the random woman.

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  • binks

    This woman has a wonderful body and similar features as Lupita but clearly you can tell that is not her. Cosmopolitan stay trolling so glad I canceled my subscription.


    I honestly see why a regular non-African/Black person would mistake this girl for Lupita. They kinda do look alike.

  • Anthony

    I think I am going to avoid threads about bodies or sex issues. This is a woman’s forum, it would be best if I took an extra step to avoid subjects where I might slip and say something stupid.

  • AfroCapricornette

    She looks nothing like Lupita lol. She’s just as gorgeous but I thought everyone could tell the difference. Sigh…