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In today’s “White People Appropriate The Darndest Things” news, Mane Addicts, a white style blog, attempted to rename Bantu Knots and credit them to Marc Jacobs.

WTH is a “Mini Bun” ??? These are called BANTU KNOTS… ??????????????????????????????????????????????????? … bye

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But neither Twitter or Marc Jacobs were having it:

Check back next week when Mane Addicts come up with a new name for “afro”. I’m just at the point where I can’t even feign amazement at the things some white people do nowadays. White people just gonna white. And that’s all there is to it.

Image Credits: Mane Addicts

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  • Rizzo

    white people do not care if they appropriate, misappropriate or disappropriate black anything. black people do not matter to the ‘dear white people.’ nor do they care about the money coming from the black community to support ‘their stuff.’

  • Taz

    Ive never called them bantu knots. We called them little knots

    • Same here. As far as I’m aware, the style’s name varies (depending on the part of Africa), so they’re not exclusively called Bantu knots; however, I think that particular name is the commonest outside Africa. I’ve always known them to be ‘rosebuds’ from my parents and the style’s done with thread.

      Nevertheless, I did have a laugh at this article, as those ‘twisted mini-buns’ look super-messy and nothing like what I’m used to seeing. Also, I took especial, cynical interest at the cosmetic suggestion of ‘tribal-inspired’ make-up to accessorise. By ‘tribal-inspired’, I take it they mean ‘African’? Never liked the racially stereotypical synonymy of those two words.

    • Taz

      Never heard them called bantu knots anywhere else but online. All in all the “models” look very corny and plain.

  • paintgurl40

    Sorry but bantu knots, braids, locs, and afros look better on black folks.