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Veteran music journalist/activist dream hampton is speaking out to defend Jay Z and Beyoncé against the many critics who accuse the couple of being insensitively silent on current issues affecting the Black community.

Dream, who worked as a ghostwriter with Jay Z on his 2010 autobiographical memoir Decoded, took to her Twitter account over the weekend with a series of tweets in response to those who continuously criticize the Carters for not publicly speaking out against the multiple police murders that have sparked the recent “Black Lives Matter” movement, as well as other social issues affecting African-Americans.

dream insisted that Jay Z and Beyoncé actually wired “tens of thousands” of dollars to bail out protesters in Ferguson and Baltimore, while also privately providing funding for the “Black Lives Matter” movement and countless other causes without hesitation.









Shortly after dream’s brief rant, others also began reminding critics that it was Jay Z who set up, and continues to maintain, a trust fund for the children of 23-year-old unarmed Black man Sean Bell. Bell was gunned down in Queens, NY by NYPD just hours before his wedding back in 2006. More supporters chimed in to point out that the Carters have also directly reached out to support and rally with the families of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin and Freddie Gray in private.

dream later deleted her comments after claiming that she “received a message” asking her to keep her mouth shut once word of her comments began to go viral.

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