Just when you thought a Fox News host couldn’t sound dumber, here comes Anna Kooiman to prove the world wrong. On Sunday, Kooiman took issue with the black community not rallying and rioting after policemen are shot and killed in the line of duty.

Last week, a cop was shot in the face in Queens, NY – and died today.

“You wonder where the outrage is,” Kooiman stated. “You see everything that’s going on in Baltimore with the unrest, the riots, the arsonists, the looting – and you don’t wish that upon any community. And certainly none of us are advocating that when a police officer is murdered — but where is the outrage?”

Where is the outrage? Let’s see, when a cop takes on the job he takes an oath and realizes he’s risking his life. When a black person’s life should not be at risk doing everyday things such as walking down the street. Pretty simple concept to me.

If an officer’s fellow police want to riot and protest, so be it. But don’t expect anyone else to.

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