Just when you thought a Fox News host couldn’t sound dumber, here comes Anna Kooiman to prove the world wrong. On Sunday, Kooiman took issue with the black community not rallying and rioting after policemen are shot and killed in the line of duty.

Last week, a cop was shot in the face in Queens, NY – and died today.

“You wonder where the outrage is,” Kooiman stated. “You see everything that’s going on in Baltimore with the unrest, the riots, the arsonists, the looting – and you don’t wish that upon any community. And certainly none of us are advocating that when a police officer is murdered — but where is the outrage?”

Where is the outrage? Let’s see, when a cop takes on the job he takes an oath and realizes he’s risking his life. When a black person’s life should not be at risk doing everyday things such as walking down the street. Pretty simple concept to me.

If an officer’s fellow police want to riot and protest, so be it. But don’t expect anyone else to.

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  • SM Hoover

    What or who is there for the general public to riot against? There can be memorials and tributes but what is there to riot against really? Criminals are not, like police organizations, a group that is trusted by the public with protecting the public. The protesting and rioting going on now seems to me to be against the police organizations that allow criminals to exist in their midst and then protects those criminals, for varied reasons, from being discovered and being prosecuted.

    We can have a ‘take back the night’ type thing but that’s not a riot. We can have demonstrations by the general public. Honestly criminals really don’t care if rioting or protesting occur. That is the nature of a criminal.

    We can protest against all the things that may cause a person to become a criminal including poverty, mental health issues, poor moral values, lack of adequate educational and other necessary resources, etc. But that’s not a riot. And those are such vague things that I doubt a movement can stay cohesive enough and strong enough over the years to really change things (maybe using The Occupy Movement as an example.) People can only seem to come together with such strength when there is one or maybe two clear wrongs with a seemingly direct line of causation.

  • Rizzo

    this does not quite fulfill what fox is looking for, but I think it’s close: in a protest against police in Wyckoff, New Jersey Tuesday, demonstrators accused an officer of the senseless murder of a 5-year-old German shepherd named Otto who was gunned down in his owner’s yard during a burglary investigation by police in the wrong house.

  • disqus_6sinns1216

    they trolling; like always. fox news hosts are real life twitter trolls. say dumb ass sh*t for reactions. nothing to take seriously.

  • Officers of Chicago Police Depts fallen whom? Michael Bailey and Thomas Wortham IV both murdered by gang members. Was there retaliations from Black
    community always aloof attitude. When criminals charge this unBlack paradox!