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Fusion host Alicia Menendez had a few words for  CNN this week.

Addressing a recent CNN segment questioning whether the word “thug” was the new N-word during wall-to-wall Baltimore coverage, the Fusion host insinuated the network was exploiting Baltimore.

“It’s no surprise — everyone wants to maximize coverage of an event that’s grabbed the nation’s attention,” she said.

Menendez also said the network was “milking” the coverage, especially since many of its anchors were asking if thug is the new n-word.

“Why is CNN looking for a new N-word?” she asked. “Because they need to fill 24 hours people, and Anthony Bourdain can’t be on all day.”

She concluded that we have an N-word, and the network is now “making more news than they are covering.”

And that is what you call a true burn.

CNN needs to get its act together, because other networks are doing better than they are.

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  • Yes, I’m That Leah

    Yeah, I saw CNN and Fox try it with the thug word. I couldn’t believe they were trying to make thug a racial slur. Christ Almighty….

  • This is an interesing issue. Alicia Menendez is right that the word thug can never be equivalent to the N word. Some people use the word thug as way to describe nefarious people in the right ways. Yet, racists, etc. also use the word “thug” as a slick code word for the N word, but there is no new N word. Alicia is right on that point. The N word is the N word (which is an evil, derogatory, and hurtful word). The CNN, Fox News, and other mainstream corporate media’s coverage of what is occurring in Baltimore deals with the advancement of the establishment line that if we just work in the system peacefully (i.e. be a “good,” respectable, and “honorable” house servant. Yet, we want to be free not some house servants), then change can come. It is obviously that the system wasn’t made for us as black people. We should have no unconditional allegiance to the current system.

    We want the current system to end and that system to be replaced with a system of justice. The mainstream news media will not report on how vicious and reprehensible the terrorism done by Western imperialism (which is supported by many nations not just by America), the terrorism of giving massively unfair bails sent to the citizens of Baltimore, the terrorism of how militarized police have oppressed even the peaceful protesters nationwide. The mainstream media will never expose how capitalist exploitation (which has been advanced by many Wall Street thugs) has increased economic inequality not only in Baltimore, but throughout the Earth. We must resist against tyranny. The cries from the people of Baltimore must be heard. The oppressed have every God given right to resist evil with all legitimate means. Tyranny, fascism, the War on Drugs, racism, classism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia must be defeated. We are in the right side of history and we will prevail.

    #No Justice, No Peace.

  • Delia

    I wish Anthony Bourdain was on all day. ❤ his show.

  • Mali Lawrence